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Why Did Nick Groff Leave Ghost Adventures?

Nick Groff

If you’re a fan of the “Paranormal Lockdown” ghost hunting show, here’s the sad news that the show won’t be back with new episodes. Former Ghost Adventures Nick Groff switched to social media after three seasons, claimed, he would not be returning and insisted, “It wasn’t by choice.” 

Read on to find out what really happened to Nick Groff and why he had to leave Ghost Adventures show.

Nick Groff rose to fame after appearing on the Travel Channel’s popular Ghost Channel series in 2018, alongside Zak Bagans and Aaron Godwin. However, he is no longer the cast of the series. 

He decided to abandon the popular show to produce his own paranormal show. At the time, his fan had questions like, “What happened to Nick Groff?” and “why did he leave Ghost Adventures ?”

Let’s find out everything about Nick Groff,

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Who Is Nick Groff?

Nick Groff was born in 1980 in San Jose, California and raised in Nashua, New Hampshire. He celebrates his birthday on April 19th and is now 41 years old. He studied at Pelham High School and then went on to the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, where he met Aaron Goodwin.

His nationality is American and he is of Caucasian origin. When he was eight, Nick fell from a tree which nearly killed him. At the age of 10, Groff said he saw a ghost of a black man.

Who Is Nick Groff Married To? Wife and Children

Paranormal Lockdown producer Nick is a married man. He tied the knot with his wife Veronique in 2004. The couple has been living a blissful married life for over a decade.

Veronique Roussel is his school Love and got married after dating for several years. Nick and Veronique are blessed with two beautiful daughters named Annabella, born on December 7, 2018, and Chloe, born in 2014.

The 39-year-old enjoys showing off his love life with his wife and kids on his social media platforms. Nick currently lives with his wife and children in Boston, Massachusetts.

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Nick Groff Net Worth, Profession, Career

Nick Groff teamed up with “Ghost Adventures” producer Zak Bagans in 2004. Nick Groff is a paranormal investigator, musician and television personality. 

The trio produced a “Ghost Adventures” documentary series which aired on the Travel Channel. The team investigates the places rumored to be haunted.

Nick Groff on Leaving The Show

After ten seasons, Nick announced that he would not be returning to the show for next season in 2014. That same year, he produced his own paranormal show called “Ghost Stalkers,” which premiered on Destination American. 

Next, Nick appeared alongside fellow paranormal investigator Katrina Weidman in the new show ‘Paranormal Lockdown’ in 2016.

They have closed for just 72 consecutive hours in some of the most haunted places. The show ran for a total of three seasons and ended in 2019. Nick announced via the Instagram video post that Paranormal Lockdown would not be returning to Destination America.

Speaking of his income, his most earnings come from the show and some from his music and acting career. Nick Groff has a net worth of $ 1 million. He has released two albums; “The Other Side” and “Spiritual Warfare“.

Aside from that, he has appeared in films such as “Malevolence” and “Primo“. In addition, he also generates extra money as an executive producer who works on many television series.

Additionally, Groff earns extra from his business. He has his own clothing brand called “Phantom Collection”. In addition, he also wrote a book called “Chasing Spirits: The Building of the Ghost Adventure Crew“.

Why Did Nick Groff Leave Ghost Adventures?

Nick Groff is co-founder, executive producer and cast member of the travel show “Ghost Adventures”. On the show, he worked alongside Zak Bagans and his colleague, Aaron Goodwin.

Nick left the show under unexplained circumstances. After years, he explained why he left Ghost Adventures, claiming he had no choice, so he decided to leave. He never left the show alone.

However, many people have speculated due to his new paranormal series on Destination American; left the show. At the same time, the show could not capture many viewers and end after the first season.

Some sources cheered, between him and Zak, that there were ego issues and Zaks partying.

Nick Groff New Show & What He Is Doing Now?

He is now working on his new paranormal film “Momo: The Missouri Monsters” which airs on VIDI Space. He shared the news via his Facebook account on June 17, 2019.

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