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Who Is Jenna Jameson? Everything You Need to Know

Who Is Jenna Jameson? Everything You Need to Know

Jenna Jameson was born as Jennifer Marie Massoli on April 9, 1974. Her hometown is Las Vegas, the symbol of human vices. 

Her origins are Italian-American: her father is a policeman while her mother is a showgirl, who dies when Jennifer is only three years old.

During her childhood she attended ballet classes and as a teenager she tried the road to success by participating in numerous beauty contests.

Given the numerous opportunities and a little to follow in the footsteps of the mother, she started her career as a dancer, right in the city of Las Vegas.

Jenna Jameson has often been the subject of gossip for her numerous alleged relationships with celebrities, given her declared bisexuality these alleged relationships include both male and female and include well-known names in international music such as Marilyn Manson , Tommy Lee and Britney Spears .

On the other hand, her links with other characters were official and declared, such as the one with the actor Nicolas Cage.

After spending the golden years on the sets of many films as a lead role, in 2005 she published an autobiographical book entitled “How to make love like a porn star”,

It is true that Jenna Jameson has been on the crest of the wave since the age of eighteen. 

But in addition to a thrilling body, She also has a good business sense. She has created an industry, “ClubJenna Inc.”, which goes far beyond adult videos. 

She had the brilliant idea of ​​starting an Internet business that includes a line of Lingerie, jewelry, a fire-colored lipstick, an inflatable mattress for fun games in the pool, and certainly could not miss – Jenna’s doll, made in her image and feature.

She participated in a music video with Eminem, appeared in magazines such as “Glamor”, “Cosmopolitan” and “Rolling Stone”.

In 2010 in an interview for the magazine “W”, he announced her desire to abandon the world of porn for her children, to devote herself to them but above all – She declared – not to make them grow up ashamed of their mother’s work.

In 2015 Jenna got engaged with Lior Bitton, around the same time she converted to Judaism same faith as Bitton’s.

In 2019 she publicly mentioned that she wanted to peace between her & her Ex.

Bottom line. I pray for peace between my ex and I, I have a great respect for him and pray for him a lot. Our past was rocky, but [there’s] nothing we can’t overcome for our children

Jenna Jameson tweet about peace with Tito Ortiz

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