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Who is Tayvion Power? Everything You Need to Know

Who is Tayvion Power? Everything You Need to Know

Tayvion Power is an American Vine star and hugely popular social media personality for his work as a Viner, with over 1.2 million followers on his Vine account.

He is famous at early age as being an actor, dancer and comedian.

Tayvion Power Age, parents, siblings, family, ethnicity, nationality

Tayvion Power was born on 13th Of January, 2001 in Washington DC, USA. He is American and his ethnicity is African American.

He was born to American parents and raised in Los Angeles when he and his father moved there. There is more information on the history of the Tayvion Power family. He is believed to have had a keen interest in pursuing a career as a social media personality from an early age.

Tayvion Power Height, Weight

He has a good height of 5 feet, 5 inches with a body weight of 50 kg.

Tayvion Power Career

Tayvion Power started his career as a social media personality with Vine app, and started getting a huge boost in just couple of months.

He then started using Vine regularly and continued to increase his influence as a social media personality.

He is now known as the Vine Star with over 1.2 million followers on his Vine account. In addition, he has reportedly received over 200,000 subscribers to his Vine channel in five months, which is one of his biggest accomplishments.

In addition, he is the son of the famous internet sensation DE Storm Power. He collaborated with Carter Reynolds on the Vine video titled “Me and Carter Reynolds Won’t Even Take Him With Other Wine Stars Like Malak Watson

Tayvion Power Net worth

So with the help of his talents and looks, he gets a decent amount of money as income, which brings his net worth around 1- 1.5 Million USD.

About His Relationship

Tayvion Power, a young and talented American wine star and social media personality, is now a unique personality as he did not have a marital relationship with anyone.

The Vine Star and Internet Sensation, Tayvion Power believes he is far from a relationship these days.

When we talk about Tayvion Power’s past relationships, it is meant that there is no information about Tayvion Power’s past love stories in which he was actively involved.

So the social media personality Tayvion Power is not currently dating anyone and also loves his profession currently

Rumors and Controversy about Tayvion Power

He is loved by all for his work and his adorable appearance. Plus, he’s too young to be a part of the rumors and controversies.

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