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Who Is Off-grid w/ Jake and Nicole? Everything you need to know

Off-grid w/ Jake and Nicole

If someone is offered to leave the comfort of home and asked to live in the wild does it sound appealing or amusing to you? Well there is couple, Jake and Nicole have dared to do so.

They showed the world an insight into their daily life struggles and challenges through their famous youtube channel off-grid with jake and Nicole. 

In this blog post you are going to know read about their adventures and nerve chilling experiences, their journey into the wilderness and many more interesting facts about this couple.

How did living off the grid Jake and Nicole channel started?

The American Couple,Jake and Nicole started their YouTube channel a few years back with different concepts in there mind.

Initially, they travelled all around the world exploring new places and creating and sharing their vlogs every week on YouTube.

Even they sold their house in America to travel to new places but slowly it became monotonous and bored for them.  Then they decided to live an isolated life away from the crowd and the mayhem of big city life.

The couple started on a crazy journey of living in the wild that can either make or break them.  They bought 8 acres of raw land, a place without any shower, washroom or a house in the woods of Vancouver Island.  located in British Columbia, Canada.

So, they started living in a Yurt constructed all by them, growing their own organic food, getting electricity from clean energy sources like solar and showing us how to lead a sustainable life in the wild. Also, and they named the place “blackfish hollow”

Who are off-grid with Jake and Nicole?

Jake Mace is a famous YouTuber, an environmentalist and gardener born in Canada on Wednesday, November 25, 1981. He is an internationally recognized Canadian YouTuber. Initially, he became popular as a martial artist, who used to teach  Kung fu, tai chi and Ki gong on his very popular YouTube channel “Kung Fu & Tau chi centre) with jack Mace.

Nicole is completely vegan and an organized person, who loves keeping things in order. She also loves to write vegan cookbook recipes.

Does Jake and Nicole have any pet?

They have  few kittens to help them get rid of mice, spiders and other bugs in there homestead.

Also, the off-Grid couple has two pet dogs of Australian cattle dog blue feelers breed Kai and Puma.  The dogs protect them from wild bears, cougars and any other wild animals in there area.

Jake and Nicole have also planned to raise some chickens and by taming these animals they want to give a message, how one can live in harmony with animals and can have a symbiotic relationship with nature and live without any dependancies with the outer world.

Did Jake and Nicole have a baby?

The couple initially planned to have a natural delivery at home but fate had a different plan for them, leaving them devastated.  With a heavy heart, they have to approach the hospital and seek medical assistance. Nicole delivered a premature baby boy in early January.

Jake has named their baby boy Fox a very typical name but enjoys calling him that name.

Are Jake and Nicole married?

Jake’s previous experience with his ex-wife Pam might be stopping him from getting into a relationship and committing.

They are not officially married but engaged.

Undoubtedly, he is dotting, caring and loving husband as he stood like a rock beside Nicole throughout her delivery process.

Living off-grid with Jake and Nicole’s income and Net Worth

Their channel living off-grid has grown over the years and currently has 1.59 million subscribers.  In addition to this, the channel has 17.5 million monthly views. Therefore they are earning estimated revenue of $2400 per day ($864k annually) solely from YouTube ads that run on their videos.

As of 2022, they have an estimated net worth of $3 million.

Other sources of Income

They also earn additional income through selling their products online on their site Komorebi. Jake and Nicole have also partnered with several businesses and companies whose products are displayed in their channel thus making them more revenue.

10 unknown facts about Jake and Nicolle

  1. They are both vegan and love to visit coffee shops that offer Vegan food and smoothies on their menu.
  2. Jake loves the ocean and he has also mentioned a couple of times that he liked to live by the ocean one time in his life.
  3. They both prefer to live in Canada as compared to the US because of the four seasons that he enjoys in that country.
  4. The couple met on a garden tour that Nicole was on when she was still in college. Jake was the tour guide during that particular tour and he had already started vlogging on his garden tours that Nicole was watching.
  5. Jake has numerous hobbies like golf, gardening and even martial arts. He actually used to record and post content on his martial arts YouTube channel.
  6. Nicole is a Yoga freak. She started practising Yoga when she was just 18 years old so that she could stay flexible and healthy.
  7. The off-gird couples don’t intend to live in their yurt forever as their main goal is to build and live in a cob house.
  8. Nicole loves to support small businesses as she buys her clothes and fanny packs from small businesses. She is passionate about supporting small and startup ventures.
  9. This couple is actually in the process of designing an e-book cookbook that will have all of their cooking vegan recipes.
  10. They are blessed with a cute baby boy Fox born in January 2022.

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