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Who is Maureen E Mcphilmy, Everything You Need To Know.

Maureen E Mcphilmy

Maureen E Mcphilmy, born in the United States, works in the public relations department. In addition, she is the director of business public relations and a celebrity.

Currently, she is an important figure in the media as the ex-wife of Bill O’Reilly. Bill O’Reilly is a popular political commentator, author, television presenter, reporter and presenter. They were married from 1996 to 2011.

Maureen E Mcphilmy Age, Parents, Ethnicity, Education

Maureen was born in Chittenango, New York. Born May 11, 1966. Has American nationality and American ethnicity.

Her father was working in a market while her mother worked as a gardener. She had a very difficult childhood. At the age of 5, her parents divorced. There is also no information about her infancy and early childhood.

Maureen E Mcphilmy Height, Weight

Maureen’s hair color is dark brown and her eye color is brunette. She is 5 feet 9 inches

Maureen E Mcphilmy’s Education, School

She attended the local St. Pierre school. Subsequently, she graduated there.

Maureen E Mcphilmy’s Career

Maureen E Mcphilmy has a career in the public relations department. After graduation, she began her career as a waitress in a restaurant. She then got involved in the public relations department. She is now responsible for public relations by profession.

She has to maintain public relations and check for discrepancies. In addition, she is responsible for promoting, managing and maintaining the public’s perspective on the person, organization, product or service.

Additionally, she works with individual clients, business leaders, or both to determine specific advertising goals.

Currently, she earns a good salary from her work. She has amassed a great net worth so far. Plus, she received millions of dollars from her divorce settlement from Bill O’Reilly.

About Her Relationship

Maureen has been married twice in her life so far. Her first marriage was to Bill O’Reilly. The couple met in New York in 1992. Bill was working as a host and she was in the public relations department at the time.

They dated for a few years. The feeling grew and they got married. Inseparable Wednesday, November 2, 1996. The wedding ceremony took place sumptuously in Saint-Louis. Brigid Paris and Westbury.

Over 100 guests attended, from celebrities to businessmen. They have two children named Spencer and Madeline.

But in 2010, things started to fall apart and they separated on April 2, 2010. Eventually, they divorced on September 1, 2011.

Then she started dating Detective Jeffrey Gross. They later got married.

Maureen E Mcphilmy Net Worth

In 2020, her net worth was $ 11 million, according to sources.

Rumors, Controversies about Maureen E Mcphilmy

She has been part of the controversy in the past. It was then that Bill sued her for $ 10 million on trial for cheating on him during her marriage to him. Currently, there are no other rumors surrounding her personal or professional life.

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