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Who is Lauren Miller? Everything you need to know


Lauren Anne Miller Rogen, known professionally as Lauren Miller, is an American comedian, actress, director, and screenwriter.

She has worked on numerous movies and TV shows, including Superbad, Zack and Miri, Observe and Report, Someone Marry Barry, Ben and Kate, Izzy Gets the F * ck Across Town, Slaughter Daughter, Bernard and Huey, and many others.

Lauren is also popular because she is the wife of famous Canadian actor, filmmaker, comedian, and writer Seth Rogen. Lauren and Seth have been together for over a decade.

How Did Seth Rogen get met Lauren Miller

Lauren reportedly didn’t even know who Rogen was when they met. It was around 2004 that the two first met through mutual friend Will Reiser. Then Will made a date with them and they got along so well that they spent the whole night together.

At four in the morning they grilled cheese rolls together and even played until dawn.

According to the reports; Lauren was proposed by Rogen in 2010 when she was changing in their closet. Rogen had a great plan to propose to Lauren but it did not go as planned. He said in an interview, “I had already begun to propose [to her] while she was in our closet changing clothes” Lauren said yes to Rogen’s proposal, and after she said yes, they had buffalo wings.

In an interview with Vulture Lauren said that “In those days, I knew nothing about him and had not even seen the film The 40-Year-Old Virgin. Additionally, I was awkward around guys, but he was also weird and awkward with girls.”

Year after the proposal, they married in California and many stars attended their wedding, including Paul Rudd, Adam Sandler, and Judd Apatow. According to the report, their wedding was a lot of fun: and there was joke on every other line.

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