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Who is Kurt Caz? Age, Wife, MMA, Net Worth, Family

Kurt caz

If you are looking to find information on Kurt Caz personal life, you are at right place.

Not many people have access to the private life of this famous YouTube star, as he tends to leave his home life…well, home in secrecy and not much available about him.

What Kurt Caz does share with the world is his experiences visiting some of the most dangerous, not-known locations around the world, with an upbeat and friendly attitude, uploading them to the internet to share his experiences with all of his fans on YouTube.

Who is Kurt Caz?

So, let’s find out who is Kurt Caz?

Kurt is best known for his popular YouTube channel, where he is often seen filming himself as he visits dangerous places, supports vendors, and explores shady places that even locals warn him to not to visit but he dare so.

Many people worry about Kurt and the situations he puts himself in; others support what he is doing and applaud him for providing raw insight on the living conditions and, many times, tight-nit communities, no one really knows about and exploring them.

Kurt  Caz is a very intelligent man with intuition, smarts, and has the ability to use his charm and mannerism to keep himself alive in situations most others would possibly not make it out of.

As of January 2022, Kurt Caz has 810,000 subscribers, who not only support him but truly appreciate his work that he is doing.

Kurt Caz Early Life

As previously mentioned, Caz is not shared much information about his personal life, including his family, relationships, or even age.

However, we can piece a lot of it together through the things he talks about in his videos and little hints of information implied in his social media posts that we can find.

We can find a lot of conflicting information suggesting Kurt is German, However, this is far from the truth.

While he did live in Germany for a couple of years, he was born in South Africa and credits his love of travelling and exploring the unknown to his father, who was also an explorer at heart.

Kurt Caz’s dad would often tell his son about the experiences he had and how much he enjoyed learning from other cultures and his special interest about Mexico.

Hard Time In His Life

Kurt was very close to his dad, calling him his best friend and stating in a social media post he was “the best person I knew.” and “the true essence of a free spirit and adventurer.”

Sadly, his dad passed away in 2020, after a long battle with cancer, which inspired Kurt to pick up where his father left off and keep his spirit alive by continuing travels.

One place he started with was a trip to Mexico to honour the memory of the his father which he loved so much by visiting a place close to his heart.

Is Kurt Caz Have a Wife or Kids?

He never mentioned about wife or children, however, it is pretty easy to find out this man is a bachelor without any children which is not keeping him in one place for very long.

Caz might have a girlfriend supporting him behind the scenes, but with his interactions with other females in his videos and lack of focus on one specific person, there is no concrete evidence he has anyone too special in his life at this time.

Kurt Caz’s Net Worth?

It is great that the amount of money you can make as a vlogger.

Spending your life travelling the world, documenting your experience, and uploading it to the YouTube, can bring in a pretty big paycheck if you can gain enough Subs and views.

With his subscribers slowly reaching closer to 1,000,000 people and most of his videos getting over a million views, it is safe to say this content creator is a success on YouTube.

YouTube pays creators on average about $5 (give or take a dollar or two depending on the content), per every 1000 views on travel videos and Kurt gets around 180,000 views daily.

Kurts estimated net worth is right around 1.8 million dollars, earning an average income of $342,000 each year from his youtube revenue as well as other sources of income from such as sponsorships, product sales and others.

Is Kurt Caz an MMA Fighter?

There is an interesting rumour circling the media these days, saying Kurt is once was an MMA fighter.

This could explain the man is so confident, daring in every crazy situation he finds himself in.

There is no evidence anywhere that supports these claims. However, he is in great shape and a trained fighter, giving him a good advantage in sketchy situations to handle them. 

Why are Kurt Caz’s Videos Becoming So Popular?

Kurt doesn’t just take his camera into different locations with him, he takes his viewers there too.

Unlike other travel bloggers, vloggers, and YouTube’s. he involves his viewers in raw, emotional, and adventures experiences.

Many of his followers who watch all of the updated videos religiously say they do it because they enjoy having the opportunity to view these places, experience the cultures, and even learn about the cuisine and people.

when they would never have had the chance to visit in real life.

Kurt Caz doesn’t hold back, he gives his opinions, doesn’t afraid to try new things, and is up for an adventure no matter where it takes him.

In a world where so many roadblocks are standing in the way of people getting out, travelling, and taking vacations, watching others do it has become the next best thing, and who better to take a trip with than a man who always seems to have a good time in his life.

End Notes

At this time, Kurt Caz isn’t the most famous name in the youtube scene, he is surely making his way up the ranks fairly quickly.

With only 5 years under his belt, his views have skyrocketed and his fans loves him. If you haven’t seen Kurt Caz’s videos, we suggest you check them out now.

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