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Who is FishN More? Age, Real Name, Gender, Net Worth & Parents.

Murrey Herbert_ FishNmore

In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of fishing-focused channels on YouTube.

FishN More is one of those channels. While FishN More…certainly isn’t the largest fishing-focused channel on the YouTube but it does seem to be the one that is growing quickly.

In the last couple of months, this youtube channel managed to gain in excess of 31,000 subscribers.

We are going to reveal you everything that you really need to know about FIshN More YouTube channel.

Luckily , this guy loves to talk about himself. This means that there is a ton of information about him to reveal.

Who Is The FishN More YouTube Channel?

Started by Murray Herbert when he was only 11 years old, the FishN More channel has gone from strength to strength.

At the time of writing this post, he has been gaining couple hundred subscribers per day. This means that the FishN More YouTube channel is one of the fastest-growing fishing-focused channels on the youtube.

He currently sits at 118,000 subscribers. However, last year he only had 60,000. We can only see him getting towards a big channel.

All of his videos focus on ice fishing. However, unlike most of the fishing channels on YouTube, FishN More doesn’t really go into depth on the fishing equipment that he used in fishing.

He may give a mention of his fishing rod every then and now, but most of his content focuses on getting people excited about fishing and it’s thrill.

Basically, it is Murray filming himself having fun. This has been his goal from the very first video from his YouTube Career.

Outside of regular content, He has few unboxing videos for some brand-new equipment that he picked up in some ice camping videos.

He does try to upload multiple videos per week, each offering something a little bit different from each other.

Murray regularly partners with Mav, one of the top YouTube channels there. This is one of the reasons why FishN More was able to attract the earliest subscribers to his YouTube channel fast and grow.

Who Is Fishn More?

His real name is Murray Hebert. He is a 16-year-old young boy from Brainerd, Minnesota.

Unlike other YouTubers, FishN More talks extensively about his life. We know that his education is at the Onamia High School in Minnesota.

He shared that he has two siblings, although he has not mentioned their names in his videos. We also know that his parents are Joanie Marie and Tyrone Babineau.

While he doesn’t have spoken about when he first started fishing but we know that he has been doing it for a long while.

He possibly got started when he was a toddler with his father. His YouTube channel has been uploading videos since when he was 11, and he was already a seasoned pro by now.

Is Fishn More a Girl?

No. FishN More is a young boy. At the age of 16.

There does seem to be a bit of an odd rumour flying around that makes the claim that FishN More is a female.

However, we can assure you that this is not the case. We dont find the source of this rumour. Chances are because his appearances look similar to girls hence this rumour has started. And his voice was rather high-pitched for a girl.

How Old Is Murray Hebert from Fishn More?

At the time of writing this post , FishN More is 16-years-old. He was born in June 2006. Although to be fair, he does look much younger for his age.

Remember, FishN More has been producing content for YouTube ever since he was 11. This means that a good chunk of his videos will feature him being much younger than 16, his current age.

Who is Mav On his Channel?

While the bulk of the FishN More channel focuses on Murray Hebert, you may also notice that his friend ‘Mav’ sometimes comes along for the ride with him.

Maverik or Mav as he is often called is in his 20s. Just like Murray, he also dabbles in ice fishing.

Mav’s YouTube Channel is actually considerably more successful than the FishN More channel. He currently sits at 1.8-million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

While most of the focus of his channel is on truck camping, he also enjoy a bit of fishing.

Despite the considerable difference in age between the two, Mav had made several appearances on the FishN More channel along with Murray.

How Much Does Fishn More Make?

As same with most of YouTubers, it is pretty tough to give FishN More’s actual net worth. This is because they likely has multiple income streams, including YouTube,product placement, brand endorsement and merch and others.

In 2019, FishN More  contributed to the design of an ice fishing rod. Although, it is unknown how much cash he made from that design of rod.

FishN More net worth has been estimated anywhere between $40,000 and $500,000. We aren’t quite sure where the above number comes from.

Yes. His channel is popular. However, he only has 118,000 subscribers and the bulk of those subscribers have only appeared within the last year or so.

If we had to give an educated guess, then it is likely FishN More’s net worth is in the along the range of $110,000 to $200,000.

The bulk of this come from the sale of merch and product placement in his videos. He doesn’t seem to be large number of views on his YouTube channel videos, and thus there likely won’t be a big amount of regular cash flowing in from YouTube ads for him

End Note

If you are interested in ice fishing and enjoy it, then the FishN More YouTube channel from Murray Hebert is one of the fastest-growing fishing channels on the YouTube to watch.

With only 118,000 subscribers, he hasn’t exactly hit the ‘big time’ yet in YouTube space. However, he is still only 16. The channel is really starting to notch up those subscribers.

We wouldn’t be surprised if this channel reached Millions of subscribers in the very near future.

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