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Who is Ernest Khalimov AKA Gigachad ? Age & Height

Ernest Khalimov

Ernest Khalimov, You’ve probably seen memes with a pumped-up cheekbone man who is supposedly an example of “alpha male” and equanimity. This character’s name is Gigachad, and this is quite a real person.

Ernest Khalimov Age & Height

There is still confusion on his correct age as there are sources which claim he is 30-31 yrs. of age and some source say he is 52 yrs. of age as of 2021. His height is 6ft. 8 inches.

Ernest Khalimov AKA Giga chad

Ernest Khalimov works as a model. In 2017, his photos were posted on the bodybuilding subreddit. Then they were noticed by users of 4chan and began to call the man “Gigachad, the ideal representative of the human race, who is destined to lead us into battle against the reptilians.”

In March 2021, memes with Gigachad gained new popularity. It came to be used in the “regular fan versus common connoisseur” pattern. Fans of something appeared to be nervous and unbalanced, and the connoisseur of Gigachad was the embodiment of true superiority.

For a long time, the real Gigachad refused to give any comments about the meme. Because of this, many believed that it simply did not exist, and the memes used a 3D model. 

“ For the longest time I thought the gigachad meme was CGI or photoshop but it’s actually a real dude lmao, ” wrote Dankula in the caption.

In April, Khalimov wrote a long post on his Instagram in which he told what he thought about his popularity.

Not much is known about Khalimov, but in 2016-2017 he was definitely filmed for the project of the photographer Christina Kudmalis SLEEK’N’TEARS, posing half-naked along with other muscular men.

About a dozen pictures of the model were in the public domain: they became the prototype of Gigachad, the peak form of male development.

The muscular physique of a Gigachad intimidates 99.9% of all men in the world.

Khalimov and his alleged girlfriend Krista Sudamalis is a digital creator Besides, some fans have also mentioned Krista as Khalimov’s girlfriend time and again.

Why is he not so popular than his memes?

Why is this so?  According to a Youtube video, Ernest is not up for any marketing.  He keeps a low profile and doesn’t cooperate with any person with a marketing idea.

The video reveals that he has a manager, but apparently, he is not interested in getting paid for marketing.

People have found even more reasons to believe the GigaChad is just the artistic works of Krista Sudmalis.

Besides, the fact that they are just images and no videos of him raises more questions.

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