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Who Is Eleanor Matsuuras Husband And Daughter



Eleanor Matsuura, better known as Yumiko from ‘The Walking Dead’, has risen to fame in the industry since its inception in the early 2000s. She has a well-established career and a large family after nearly two decades in the field. . She met her spouse through her job, so it’s safe to say that the Hollywood lifestyle has benefited her in more ways than one.

Husband of Eleanor Matsuura

Eleanor Matsuura is married to Trevor White, an actor. They got married in 2013 but had been together much longer. Trevor, like his wife, is an actor whose work spans film, television, and theater.

He has appeared on various television shows including ‘Downton Abbey’, ‘Doctor Who’ and ‘World War Z’. They frequently express their support for each other’s upcoming ventures on their social media profiles.

Eleanor and her husband have also appeared on stage together on a few occasions. They returned to the stage, where they initially met, after a decade of friendship.

Eleanor and Trevor met on the set of a Coriolanus play in 2006 and began dating shortly after. They are now happily married as husband and wife. In 2016, they returned to the stage as a married couple for Kenny Emson’s ‘Terrorism’.

Being an actor means never being stuck in one place for too long. Work commitments require regular travel to various cities and passes. Matsuura must do the same and, when he is away from home, he communicates with his family through video calls.

She does a lot. Eleanor revealed that she would even contact her spouse to practice and go over the lines of the script. Another key topic of discussion during these calls is her daughter.

Eleanor, 38, and Trevor, 51, have a daughter who was four months old a few months ago. Matsuura and Trevor need updates on their daughter when they’re not home, so FaceTime comes in handy.

Eleanor told Prestige,

The problem with being married and having a child is that your phone is always next to your ear.

We always call each other with updates: ‘she has done this, she has done that’.
We are always doing FaceTime, he added.

Additionally, the couple have chosen not to reveal their daughter’s face to the public, but continue to post about her regularly, making sure to keep her face covered for different camera angles, lighting, and positions.

Her daughter is, in fact, all over his Instagram! The happy girl travels to many different countries with her parents, and her beautiful travel photos are a joy to behold.

Also, Eleanor is currently pregnant with baby number two, which is exciting news for the family! She revealed her pregnancy on Instagram using her baby bump.

With two children, the couple will no doubt keep themselves busy in the future. Eleanor and her date, on the other hand, have it covered. She also has her parents whom she looks up to for inspiration.

Eleanor grew up in England after being born in Tokyo, Japan. Her mother was from the UK and her father was from Japan. She discovered her talent for acting when she was a child and she enrolled in the Central School of Speech and Drama.

We soon saw her on stage and on television, and now she has a thriving career of her own. The actress is 5’8 tall and has found happiness and fulfillment in various facets of her life.

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