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Who Is Dua Lipa? Everything You Need to Know.

Who is Dua Lipa? Everything you need to know.

Did you guys hear the enchanting song We’re Good by Dua Lipa. This celebrity singer managed to create great hype among worldwide fans since the release of her new album.

You all must be curious to know in detail about this mesmerizing beautiful and talented star Dua Lipa.


Dua Lipa is one of the most celebrated English songwriters and alluring singers, who’s captivated many people’s hearts. Out there the star was born to Kosovo Albanian parents Dukagjin Lipa and Anessalipa in London on august 22 1995. Her parents are natives of Kosovo and are from a Muslim background.

Her father showed interest in the medical field in his early years; still he pursued his career in marketing and productions after going through many hurdles and by taking many odd jobs after migrating from their mother country to London due to a civil war outbreak.

After reaching Britain her father did studies on marketing and ended up working for a production company that supervises music festivals like Glastonbury. Dua was interested in pursuing a career in law but upon reaching London she immersed herself into tourism.

Dua has two more siblings Rina, who is six years younger than her and her younger brother Gejin who is the sweetheart to both his elder sisters. Dua likely inherited her father’s interest in taste in music. Her father used to be the lead singer and Kosovo rock band guitarist.

Dukagjin last album released in 1998, but nothing stopped him from following his passion. he played some music that he composed along with some of the famous artist music like Bob Dylan and David Bowie sitting at home. 

In this atmosphere Dua started singing at a young age which fueled the talented artist to perform what she is now. Dua completed her primary schooling at fitzjohn’s.

Duo tried auditions conducted for the school choir singers, but got rejected. By saying that it would be tough for her to sing high-pitched notes as her voice was too low. By the age of 9 she took weekend lessons for singing in Sylvia’s young theater school.

With the help of her considerate teacher Rey, she could develop vocal skills and her desire to pursue singing increased many folds, and this triggered increasing self-confidence to sing in front of people without hesitation.

When she reached 12 she moved to her parents native country Kosovo as they declared independence, to father expanded his talent as a marketing entrepreneur and pristine and eventually set up a marketing communication agency in their neighborhood.

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on her move to Kosovo she was captivated by the community vibes and secured a feeling that Dua anticipated for some time. Dua adapted to her new environment real quick and found friends who made her feel comfortable.

In the millennium treat school where she did her studies in Kosovo, Dua found it easy communicating in her native local language Albanian; however Lipa couldn’t write or read the language fluently like her fellow schoolmates.

but with time her skills improved. The country made her feel incredible as there wasn’t any need for an adult to accompany them back home from school which she couldn’t find in London.

Music Career

For attending more excellent opportunities in her music career she moved to London to take her talent to a global scale, Dua was 15 when she moved to London alone and began her studies in parliament hill school. The star then entered Sylvia’s young theatre school as a part-timer.

Lions and tigers and bears are their first song which she did at the age of 14. After obtaining inspiration from the wizard of oz. during this time Justin Bieber was creating wonders on his YouTube channel. And Dua decided to follow the same lead.

For paying her apartment rents and living expenses she took various jobs but did not give up her focus on the music industry. Dua took odd jobs as a hostess in nightclubs and waitresses and entered a modeling career to widen her contacts and influence to attain her music goal faster.

The star then signed an agreement with a modeling agency to land on her long-dreamed music career and it seemed to help her as she was able to sing in a small screen advertisement in 2013 for x factor.

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Thanks to the Ad Dua got introduced and signed on a publishing contract to a producer who worked with celebrated singers like Ed Sheeran and with the teenager’s heartthrobs one direction.

The network widened and the whole journey helped her get in contact with great producers like Emily Haney and Andrew Wyatt.  In the initial days the singer was more intrigued by discovering her sound than grabbing a record deal.

She put herself through a trial and air method to combine the sounds of a rapper J Cole and Nelly Furtado, but did not receive positive momentum from the producer side.

Dua then wrote Hotter than Hell in which she used a simple but elegant combination of piano and kick drum, the singer insisted that she liked the output obtained which has a Rappy flow concerning the verses and she sang all of it in a low register voice. The song was a hit and helped her to land the first record label.

Several hits followed in the coming years of her journey and her career skyrocketed to reach the current success.

Net Worth

Based on Forbes list the star’s net worth is estimated to be 20 million dollars, given that she has set a glorious sensation globally. Lipa could also earn some from her designing passion.  

The magnificent singer collected a lot of awards and was titled a nominee in numerous events one kiss is one of the masterpieces in her journey that fetched her the award titling as the longest running work and number one single for a female artist in the year 2018.

The song also earned her 2019 Brit award as the song of the year. The star got two Grammy awards an American music award, two European music awards and many more. Dua Lipa got enlisted in an annual list of hundred influential people in the world.

 Lifestyle and Boyfriend

The artist has a significant number of followers on Instagram and YouTube. She secured 37 million streamers in Spotify when she was 18.

a week after Dua and Anwar Hadid were pictured kissing at British summertime festival, they made the relationship Instagram official in 2019 Anwar Hadid is a model and also the brother of models Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid.

Dua’s home the quaint in London is a perfect place to calm one’s nerves and get all creative. From the house entrance you would reach the musician’s porch which has taken up a black and white theme in flooring and interior.

The house exterior gets highlighted with serene white walls glistened with emerald tiles. The house has a spacious room with a slanting skylight roof which increases the incoming light enough to make one feel fresh.

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