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Who is Brandi Passante from Storage Wars?Everything You Need To Know.

Brandi Passante

Brandi Passante made her debut in 2010 on Storage Wars Texas; no one had the faintest idea back then that people fighting over unclaimed items from storage locker units would turn out to be this much entertaining.

Brandy became an essential and regular part of Storage Wars in no time, but how did it all start? What is she doing right now?

There are rumors back in 2019 that she was divorced, is this true? Let us find out some of the untold secrets of Brandy Passante from Storage Wars

It all started with the second-hand store that Passante and Schultz had and named it “Now and Then in California’s orange county. The store was based on the abandoned items from some storage units.

once they were attending an auction and some of the A&E producers of the show that would become storage wars; approached Schultz .

After hearing nothing for about eight months Schultz received a call from one of the producers asking him whether they could shoot footage in the couple’s shop.

When that happened; Brandi Passante was working with the cash register that day. Producer asked Schultz “who was that girl up front and would she mind being on TV”.

They asked whether they wanted to be in front of a camera for a few minutes, back then they had no idea how big it would be in the future.

Passante said in an interview that the Rest is History. you probably know what she’s talking about.

it was a really big challenge for the couple to manage two lives that they had, one that was in front of the camera and the other when they were together working in the store and living in their home together.

Brandi was becoming a celebrity quickly because of her appearance; the couple immediately realized that some boundaries need to be set to balance their lives as they were together 24X7.

They made some rules that the conflicts that happen in the show will not be brought back into their home, they will not talk about work over dinner or any time that they were together.

Staying in their home and they often had some arguments when they worked together in their shop but never talked about anything in their house.

Other than her appearance; one thing that everyone loved and praised about her is because of her personality, she never kept her feelings to herself.

If you guys remember Storage Wars Texas you must know one of the cast members from the show named Dave Hester.

He was the one with the catchphrase “Yupppp”, which made him the primary villain of the show. Once in an interview Passante was asked “if Hester was a real jerk and she hilariously replied with a short answer yes”

Brandy Passante and Jarrod Schultz had one of the weirdest finds in the show of Storage Wars, once in one of the episodes the couple opened up a locker and found five locked wooden boxes inside they were curious to find out what was inside them, so they opened up the boxes and found white powder like substances in some Ziploc bags.

Schultz thought at first that it was drug but soon they came to a different conclusion after realizing what it truly was, Passante found a dog tag inside one of the boxes and realized that those were the remains of the dead dogs, which were once cremated.

Brandy told in one of the interviews that at first she was really grossed out and then felt guilty and sent them up front so that the owner could come and pick them up. This was the weirdest find in the history of storage wars.

In 2014 Brandi and Jarrod exited storage wars, though the fans were really disappointed by their absence from the show they had their own reasons.

They left the show so they could start a new storage war spin-off titled Brandy and Jarrod married to the job. After 15 years of being together the couple finally decided to tie the knot though, things didn’t turn out as expected.

Being a mother, a celebrity and a shop owner Brandi initially had to struggle a lot initially when she was with Jarrod. As you guys can imagine it was very difficult to balance all these things together.

Passante admitted that being in each other’s faces constantly did put a strain on their relationship at first and she said it took some doing for the couple to try to find the right balance.

In 2019 rumors began to emerge that the couple Brandi and Jarrod had split up when their Instagram followers began to realize that her posts have been devoid of any photos of the couple for some time.

The last time the couple was seen together on social media as when they had a family party back in march of 2019.

When Jarrod was absent from her photos she was seen with another mystery man on several posts, some of the fans have even asked her about their relationship whether everything is okay between them or not or whether they are split or not.

it is still unclear about their relationship status currently both of the couples neither Brandi nor Jarrod have responded to any of the queries on social media platforms about their relationship, also Schulz was seen uploading images with another woman on his social media platform lately.

Though these are some speculations and still it’s officially not declared that the couple is really split or not it still remains a mystery.

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