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What is Paul Teutul Sr. Net Worth from American Chopper?

Paul Teutul Sr.

If you are rich and famous then we really can’t blame you for having an expensive lifestyle lots of celebrities already do but just don’t go on spending more than you earn like Paul Teutul Senior.

Paul Teutul Sr. is a famous for being the main star of American chopper which documents his work as the owner of Orange County Choppers. Born on May 1st 1949 in Pearl River,  New York.

Teutul served as a merchant marine in the Vietnam war, he came back and founded his first company Orange Country Iron Works which is currently run and expanded to great heights by his son Dan Teutul.

Paul Teutul also has one daughter Christian Teutul who is a nurse and works in pediatrics at  NYC. you already know about his two eldest sons Paul jr and Mikey who appear in the show with his father.

American Chopper first seen on our TV screens a long time back in 2002; the original series ran until 2009 in a two different series like “American Chopper Senior versus Junior” and Orange County Choppers.

The original series also resurfaced for two seasons in 2018 and 2019. Out of his already thriving business of designing, customizing the best chopper bikes in the country.

Paul Teutul Sr. definitely also gets a good remuneration per episode of doing the reality show. You would think that Paul Teutul Senior has a large net worth, well then you would be wrong. Read further to know more.

Paul also had a series of events that negatively affected his finances, especially legal disputes. The first and most infamous one was of course the lawsuit with his son, Paul jr. Paulie always butted heads with his father, but he finally had a falling off in 2008 and now he runs his own company called Paul Jr. Designs.

Paul Sr. in return filed a lawsuit against him to buy off his 20 shares in the company but the court ordered for Paul Jr. to hold on to it until he is given a legitimate sum for his shares. Later, Paulie Jr. was the one to file a lawsuit against his father for around 100 million dollars in damages for committing fraud.

In 2009, Justin Barnes sued Paul Sr. for stealing his designs on their merchandise as well. Furthermore, Cody Connolly who was a guest in an episode filed a lawsuit of breach of contract and fraud, when they used his likeness and their merchandise without his permission or any payment for same.

He even claimed that Paul Sr. never gave him the chopper that he had promised to him in the episode. The lawsuits were financially damaging but apparently not as much as Paul Teutul Sr. lavish spending habits.

That’s why he filed for bankruptcy in March 2018 detailing that he had debts left of one million dollars, while only possessing little some with him.

He even went on to state that he spent $12,000 on an average in a month while only earning around $15,000; therefore Paul Teutul Sr. net worth is lower than you expected.

His net worth is around 500 000 but the facts comes from their 2010 data. if we were to account for his bankruptcy and seized assets; he will be worth even less maybe even in negative due to remaining debts as of 2020 and 2021.

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