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What Is Fred Dodge From Gold Rush Doing Now?

Fred Dodge

Our favorite TV star from the classic reality show Gold Rush we’re talking of course about Fred Dodge, gold expert and minor extraordinaire, although only being involved in a minor capacity in the first two seasons.

Fred became one of the most adored members of the show’s primary cast in later seasons, and has been a constant ever since his work consists of being a businessman, engineering, designer a gold digger and a reality TV actor.

Gold Rush Background

On the famous discovery channel show Gold Rush. here’s a background what kind of show Gold Rush is, the show follows a group of people who are at desperate times, having lost their jobs as they bet it all on some savings and try to become gold miners across many locations in the world but mostly centered around Alaska.

These desperate times, interesting locations and subjects and above all the involvement of gold made the show an instant classic and it can be seen by the fact that it has lasted for 11 seasons as of this year now.

Fred Dodge Entry In The Show

Seeing as the entire cast had practically zero experience they had to call in some people previously experienced with the honestly complicated business of gold mining and that’s where Fred was brought in first appearing to help the Hoffman’s team in the first season.

He became a permanent by the third one and he has been one of the most successful miners in the show’s decade-long history, however being Fred; he generally keeps pretty quiet about his private life and family on the show and so not many fans might be aware of his background and home life.

So we’re going to shed some light into how he got to be as successful as he is born Freddy Eugene Dodge in Colorado on 30th December 1966.

Freddie turns 55 this year; he grew up on his grandparent’s ranch. Freddy had a childhood surrounded by the Colorado wilds part; of the reason why he and his brother Derek who’s a decade older got into the mining business but he wasn’t always going to be a member of a TV show, instead he was content.

Living his own life, very well established as a local businessman and minor for years until some unexpected turn of events made him into a TV star.

Quite something isn’t it being involved in the heavy machinery business as a part of the MSI mining equipment.

He made more than a small impact as a recurring character throughout seasons 1 and 2 as part of the Hoffman crew, so much so that he was made permanent in season 3 being a vital part of why the crew was so successful.

His design ingenuity even led to him making the big red wash plant for his team and more success followed after that as by season four’s time he was given his own team with his older brother Derek competing independently and being rather successful.

The next season saw even greater success with him rejoining the Hoffman crew and finding 4,000 ounces of gold. The story continues on and off for the next few seasons with him being an on off member of the Hoffman crew and sometimes mining alone.

Fred Dodge New Show

Earlier this year fans were extremely excited as Fred finally got the recognition he deserved. yes guys the gold guru finally got permission to host his very own spin-off show called “Freddy Dodge’s Mine Rescue” in which he helps struggling miners come back into business by using his expertise.

The series premiered earlier this year and this has led many fans to ask the question what’s he doing now, well according to many rumors Freddy has every intention of continuing his journey and career as a minor and has been seen moving west in search of new places to look for gold along with his partner Juan Abara.

However; with the pandemic situation we can’t really be sure when they’ll be back to creating more content as he has more than a few times stated that he and his crew haven’t ventured into work during quarantine.

I guess we’ll just have to stay tuned for any news now guys there is the question of how much does Freddy Dodge earn?

According to most estimates his earnings are from the show with a similar part coming from his business and with him having received bonuses of thousands of dollars for his work, it’s no surprise that Fred Dodge has a net worth of 500,000 dollars.

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