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What Happened to Luke Grimes (Kayce Dutton) on Yellowstone?

Luke Grimes

Yellowstone is truly a revolutionary take on the modern west and Luke Grimes is arguably the leader of the show as his character Kayce Dutton.

He is the youngest son of John Dutton and stepped up as a cattle commissioner last season in his father’s step but being adopted is a risky business.

With dangerous enemies after the family and season three saw almost each of them targeted and attacked the finale ended in a cliffhanger of all their lives.

Fans have been dying to know the faith of everyone but that of Kayce has been a primary focus. The season 4 premiere brought the answers to all characters faith that was left hanging in the last season premiere, we only saw Kayce being attacked in his office by armed men.

Season four thankfully showed that he was alive they seem to have cut out how exactly he survived but it directly shows him in a ghillie suit launching his own counter-attack against the people who attacked them.

The social media was immediately flooded with fans rejoicing in the fact that Kayce was alive

Thank the lord, I was getting worried about Kayce one of the fan tweeted.

Oh, thank you, sweet baby Jesus! Kayce lives. Even if he looks crazy AF added by another twitter user.

However the problems for him seem far from over as one more comment also exclaimed “Kayce you better pull through! I did not wait all these months just to see you die!” the comment was referring to how Kayce managed to suffer quite the injury in the attack.

Still it was nice to see Kayce alive it will also probably mean that he will also survive this new injury.

But don’t go counting your chickens just about now people may have noticed that two episodes have already gone by four season and we are yet to see where Kayce ‘s marriage with Monica currently stands !! We haven’t even had any update on their son Tate.

This lack of interaction on such a vital part Kayce’s story into the probably most important people in his life; has led to people conceiving a theory.

It does make sense that Kayce could just be Jon’s imagination after going through a near-death injury after getting shot.

Could it just be a plot hole and the theory is real we could only know with more episodes of season four you.

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