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What happened to James Love (Doc) on Street Outlaws?

James Love

For those who don’t know what Street Outlaws; is it’s a street racing show which takes a look into illegal street racing, competitive driving skills and the fastest street racing cars in Oklahoma.

They compete against other drivers to make the top 10 list and also against drivers from other states to see whose cars are the fastest. This show was first aired in 2013 and with the high speed action, colorful setting and memorable characters; has gotten very famous with time.

It has caught the attention of people from all over the world because who doesn’t like watching car races and on top of that in the streets straight out of a fast and furious movie.

James love also known as Doc is a TV personality, drag racer and entrepreneur. And he is a fan favorite on the show.

Doc is his nickname which he earned during his stint on the show; not popular initially. it was landing a role on Street Outlaws that brought him into the limelight propelling him to the top.

The star’s passion for automobiles intensified and he enrolled at a school to study diesel mechanics. Doc famously races the street beast a 1970 Chevy “Monte Carlo” that’s set on kill for anyone brave enough to challenge him.

Doc had a short-lived run as number one; before losing to Sean by the fault and then the eventual number one “Daddy Dave”. However Doc has still been on the top of the list many times, which is why he is a big part of the show and all the viewers are familiar with him.

Throughout his tenure on Street Outlaws James Doc love became renowned among fans of the show for his racing prowess.

in a saddening turn of events for Doc and his career driving the Monte Carlo, he was involved in a serious accident. Doc gave this statement after the crash.

 “Me and the street beast were in an unfortunate big end accident, while filming a very important race in Nebraska for the OG Show”. Doc led off his explanation by saying.

he then went on to detail exactly what went down, car barrel rolled five to six times and even knocked three eight to ten inch round cedar trees, clean off at the ground. He said of how the crash transpired which caused some injuries as well.

Subsequently he thanked fans for their support through his recovery process which has been pretty long and arduous.

“I’m fine if you can call being yellow, black, blue, green and a wonderful shade of purple from my neck to my calves”.

Love said I’m also still struggling with symptoms from a bad concussion, I was knocked out for 20 to 30 minutes and remember nothing about the crash, or even the race for that matter. I want to give a huge shout out to my family, friends, and some fans for reaching out to me with prayers and support.

The crash made Doc stay off the show for a long time and he was open about being upset regarding a rebuild.

“not really looking forward to the rebuild process as 2020 and Covid has not been kind to the wallet but we will come back better stronger and faster somehow” he wrote a clear indicator of his will to overcome an obstacle as difficult as this one.

Doc is also willing to sell some of his resources to make a comeback with a new car and get back in the show.

As he has also sold the leftovers of the car after that last crash he had last time he was on Street Outlaws. And fans are eager to see the star come back but before that can happen he has to recover and grow through the already hard process of rebuilding the car, as well as himself. But with doc also motivated to make a comeback we have high hopes.

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