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What Happened to Chimney in 9-1-1? Is He Leaving the Show?

What happened to Chimney in 9-1-1

Where is chimney on 9-1-1? Is he leaving the show for good? Fans are confused since these questions have been out.

Kenneth Choi has been playing the world LAFD firefighter Howie “Chimney” Han on 9-1-1 since 2018. Kenneth hasn’t appeared on the series for a while. Chimney found his daughter and a video message at the firefighter’s house.

He was heartbroken when he listened to the clip. Maddie is dealing with a very serious issue. She abandoned her daughter and told chimney not to come to look for her. She told him to take off her daughter.

Maddie has a mental issue, and it’s better for her not to be around her daughter. it seems chimney won’t return to the show until he finds Maddie.

In the episode titled “Called Home and Away” chimney opted to leave his job at firehouse 18 to search for Maddie. He then called his best friend Hen that he would come back once he found Maddie.

Is Kenneth departing from 9-1-1

It seems Kenneth won’t believe in the show. Choi may be missing for a few episodes on 9-1-1. However, there’s no confirmation of when he will join the show. It seems like he won’t come back on the show until Jennifer doesn’t return.

The writers have written Maddie’s off screen

The writers have said to have a different story for Maddie and Chimney. They know how devastating his postpartum is. It looks like Jennifer and Kenneth may return together to the show.

Hope, Maddie and chimney’s coming back will bring a full episode. We really want to know what happens with Maddie in the upcoming episodes.

Kenneth appeared in numerous shows and films such as the People v/s O.J, Simpson: American Crime Story, Ironside, Sons of Anarchy, Suicide Squad and others.

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