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The Truth about the WranglerStar Family.

Wranglerstar is an amazing family that spends time exploring their world working on their farm. they lead a simple life but it’s exciting and they call that a modern homesteading lifestyle.

They live in the pacific northwest and unlike other homesteading channels theirs is more of a life on the farm countryside not a complete homesteading lifestyle. That involves living off the grid.

The Wranglerstar Family lives in a comfortable home connected to the grid and with access to water and they focus on what their simple life on the farm is like even as they share with their viewers.

Their vast knowledge of farm tools and equipment that they use in different projects and tasks the family’s content is mainly centered around nature the forests around them.

And different tools and their uses also how to optimize different tools and their pros and cons and they also share a great deal about chainsaws.

Wranglerstar Family & Wrangler Barn

Now you may be wondering what the difference is between the Wranglerstar Family and in another youtube channel that you may have seen the family star in previously wrangler barn well before wrangler start there was wrangler barn.


Wrangler barn was cody’s baby, so to speak and this channel focused on his online business that dealt with the resale of G parts and accessories as well as reviews of tactical guns and gear. But wrangler barn was hacked and cody started wrangler star after the hack.

Now he opted to take a slightly different direction for the new channel by making it out into a modern homesteading youtube channel that focuses on a life a family of four on homesteading lifestyle.

Youtube Channel

Wranglerstar was created in 2010 and when it started out they had a different vision from what their followers see now.

The channel primarily focuses on showcasing what life looks like for families that live off-grid on a small homestead on a farm away from civilization.

They went through their fair share of fun and hardship living off the grid when starting but they’ve since evolved into a channel that no longer lives off the grid, as they are connected to the grid and they don’t face the challenges of a completely secluded life.

They are also now more focused on high-end machinery and equipment that they review and use on projects on their farm and the forest.

Their home is also quite modern so we wouldn’t really qualify it as a homesteading channel. there’s no doubt that Cody is quite fascinated by the power of the chainsaws and also the versatility of this tool he handles and reviews many other tools.

If you wish to learn about chainsaws how to repair them, how to fix the transmission jack, which brand to consider and what parts work best then Wranglerstar is the channel that you should subscribe.

Also it may be safe to think of Wranglerstar a family and hobbyist handyman channel. Wranglerstar focuses on more than chainsaws though if for example you plan to set up a DIY solar power system that won’t break the bank, Cody offers an array of videos on setup, use and recommendations for the best solar panels.

He also considers himself a U.S. forest service professional and through youtube videos and shorts he shares a great deal about the job, the kind of tools needed, axes and saws and tips on avoiding disasters.

So if you want to learn about axes used by the forest professionals and how the axes are fixed Wranglerstar is definitely the professional channel to learn from.

You can learn so much from the content including secrets and tricks you must know about for chainsaws and tips for splitting firewood easily, surviving power outages and many other outdoor survival hacks.

Beyond forests tools and hacks Cody is also into cars but he’s not just fascinated by the off-road cars and their maintenance but also building them.

In a recent video he shares about his super duty raptor which he’s had to customize some parts, suspension system and bigger tires to make it more powerful for use in the rough countryside.

Speaking of cars, his followers get more practical knowledge about cars for example tips for charging the car battery using a chainsaw and fixing flat tires.

If you want to be a lumberjack Cody shares a lot of content on that too. notably the right machinery tools and strategies that a lumberjack must employ so Wranglerstar is undoubtedly your go-to channel for all matters.

Outdoor survival handling tools and other survival tools, this also supports our sentiments above noting that the channel is not about homesteading but more about tools, outdoor survival, lumberjacking, surviving, forests safety and all-around family fun away from the busy city.

Family life

Cody and his wife Mrs. Wranglerstar are parents to two kids, jack and sweet loaf. they’re Christians who moved to the countryside and were motivated partly by the need to nurture a closer relationship with god.

Net Worth

They’re estimated to be worth 2 million but we reckon they’re worth more than that. their channel currently has 1.95 million subscribers.

They joined youtube in 2010 and their Videos have received over 758.9 million lifetime views meaning that Wranglerstar is one of the most successful youtube channels that focuses on outdoor living or modern homesteading.

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