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The Real-Life Partners Of The Cast Of The ‘Gossip Girl’ Reboot



Jordan Alexander is a Canadian actress best known for her work on ‘Sacred Lies: The Singing Bone.’ She rose to fame as Julien Calloway in the revival of the series ‘Gossip Girl’. Jordan is a relative newcomer to popular television as she first appeared on screens in 2020. Jordan’s career is off to an excellent start as she appeared as the main cast in both of her series.

People seem more interested in learning more about Jordan’s love life because there isn’t much to talk about his growing profession.

So here’s everything you need to know about Jordan Alexander’s girlfriend.

Who is Jordan Alexander’s Love Partner?

First, let’s address the LGBT rumors that have been doing the rounds for quite some time. Jordan identifies as gay and has been dating her boyfriend Shane Homan for about four years.

The couple’s love story began like any other classic modern romance: on a dating app. Her first interview seems to be for Dauphine magazine when the actress talked about herself and introduced her partner to the world during a professional photo shoot.

In all of the photos, these gorgeous women have sizzling chemistry, but one photo of the two of them sharing a kiss stands out. It may be simple for others to overlook, but it was the first thing we noticed and fell in love with.

Jordan was asked about her pandemic and post-pandemic experiences, as well as her work life in general, and how she handled the lockdown.

For those who don’t know, the ‘Gossip Girl‘ remake actress is also a musician who writes a lot of her material. Similarly, she questioned her boyfriend, one of which was about how they met.

Jordan and I met on Tinder in 2018, she said in response to the query. The two met on Tinder and immediately hit it off, and then, like any love story, romance and love blossomed, which has been great from the start.

Their love is still like new four years after their relationship. Furthermore, the two regularly post about each other on their Instagram profiles, which shows that they are really happy together.

Jordan Alexander has always used social media and other platforms to express her support for the LGBT community, with the actress frequently expressing her pride in being herself.

Her partner is a model who started her modeling career in the Philippines in 2012. Jordan also talked about how liberating it is to be herself, outside of her professional life. she revealed,

I feel empowered knowing that I have the opportunity to live my honest truth and myself.
Everything seems to be easier now that I have met myself.

Although not married, the couple have a lovely love life and are both focused on their careers while remaining fully present in each other’s lives.

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