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The Life of Gold Rush Star Parker Schnabel? Everything You Need to Know

Parker Schnabel

Gold has become a precious metal due to its sheer beauty and intrinsic market value; besides the hard work to which gold becomes precious ornaments.

There are many processes among them the most stressful one is gold mining; the one person who doesn’t feels it’s stressful rather takes it as adventure as Parker Schnabel. Parker Schnabel has had a rather unconventional career.

Parker Schnabel Family, Childhood

Parker Schnabel was born on July 22nd, 1994 in Haines, Alaska. where he spent most of his childhood with his brother Payson.

His parents are Nancy and Roger Schnabel. Parker Schnabel’s father and grandfather are well known minors. Roger is also in the construction and have ownership of southeast road builders, ever since he was a child, he used to spend summers in his grandfather’s gold mine “big nugget mine”.

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The career choice he made is heavily influenced by family background, he was an avid explorer and outdoorsman from a young age. he took control of the mine when he was just 16 years old and handled it with great finesse.

Parker grew up looking up to family elders; even getting hands dirty during the early years. he learned to Prospect in pan and operate equipment from his grandfather, who also supported him to become a gold mine boss.

Parker lost his grandfather John Schnabel at the age of 96 on 18th March,2016, who died in sleep. despite the tragedy of losing the support of a veteran minor Parker managed to achieve success. according to Parker his grandfather had a major influence on his career in gold mining.

Growing up with him on the mine site leading the equipment and learning everything there was to do in the mining industry. Parker intended to focus on geology or mining studies in college, but then he decided not to go to college.

Mining Career

After graduating from high school in 2012 Parker took a heavy leap starting his own gold mine. he used the college fund to set up the business. in 2011 Parker leased land from the mining tycoon Tony Beats and found an impressive 1029 ounces of gold during his first year.

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His findings generated him over 1.4 million dollar and put him on the discovery channel’s radar. later that year he began his career as a cast member on the hit TV show Gold Rush, which catapulted him towards financial success. undeniably he has a strange knack for smelling out this precious metal. this talent that he has of extracting such high values of gold is one that many miners wish they had.

The mining prospector soon rose to worldwide fame owing to his part in discovery channel show Gold Rush. Parker joined the cast from season 2 beginning. since he’s been a regular member of Gold Rush despite the young age Parker has shown the capabilities beyond.

In the fourth season of the series Parker found 1,029 ounces of gold and in the fifth season he found a large amount of 3,362 ounces of gold worth nearly 3.7 million dollars. In the fourth season of Gold Rush Parker decided to move away from his home mining area to search for more treasure in the Yukon territory.

Parker Schnabel Net Worth

Parker starred in the reality show Gold Rush-The Dirt from 2012 to 2016. he then starred in season one of the 2017 spinoff reality show Gold Rush Parker’s Trail so far, the series has four episodes it looks like that risk paid off as by 2022 Parker Schnabel’s estimated net worth is 20 million dollars with the current price of gold.

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Thanks to his work at his family’s mine Big Nugget and being on the hit discovery channel show Gold Rush. The main source of income is gold mining apart from the mining TV show involvement on Gold Rush generates him an impressive salary which is reported to be 25,000 Dollars per episode although; Parker generates a heft income each year.

Parker Schnabel is not inclined toward fancy cars or luxury boats and lives a relatively modest life rather you will notice him investing more money and time into land.

Parker Schnabel Relationship

Parker indeed is not married a while back he shared a relationship with Australian girlfriend Ashley Ewell. Parker introduced his blonde-haired girlfriend Ashley on the show in the seventh season. he took her to mine in klondike.

For the part how their relationship kick-started Parker was in Australia covering the mining grounds during the time he met Ashley, the two got quite well to the point Parker invited her to visit North America for the summer. despite an easy-on-the-eye relationship fans had no idea the relationship would last only for a few years.

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On Gold Rush season 8 episode when Big or Die trying aired on March 16, 2018 Parker announced the news of the breakup, he was not bitter having split from girlfriend but praised her saying she deserved man better than him.

Also, Parker revealed being at fault having not set the girl his priority, currently Parker Schnabel appears to be moving on with a girl named Tyler Mahoney. he initially met her in the newest season of the discovery Gold Rush spin-off as he left Alaska to explore the abandoned mines of Australia. the relationship between the two always makes fans curious.

No Ordinary Teenager

Parker Schnabel is no ordinary teenager each year Parker expands him mining empire which helps him secure another season on Gold Rush while also increasing his commodity ownership; although some may be reluctant to throw their life savings into a business model Parker Schnabel proved that it could result in tremendous success.

Being born into a family mining dynasty was simply not enough for Parker, with hard work dedication and a vision for success Parker was able to take over the family business while also making it his own.

Thanks to his grandfather’s hard work and mentorship Parker was able to reach new levels of success in the gold mining industry so the next time you ask someone what they want to be when they grow up do not be surprised if they say they want to be a miner.

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