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The Life of Gold Rush Star Kevin Beets? Everything You Need to Know

Kevin Beets

New generation miner Kevin beets certainly knows his stuff. trained by the legendary Tony beets, Kevin is one of Tony’s three children who are working in the mining business. at just 33 years of age Kevin commands a massive group of minors some of whom are even twice his age.

Equipped with a degree in computer science and leadership Kevin certainly knows how to keep things fresh and continue contrary to his father, Kevin wants to introduce modern means of dredging in the mine and maximize the team’s output.

Kevin Beets Bio & Family

Kevin Beets was born on the 10th of June 1988. Born to Tony in Minnie beats. Kevin is the oldest of the Beets family. raised in a mining family, Kevin started working on mines ever since he was 13 years of age. from the age of 19 Kevin has been leading crews into mines and has gathered a wealth of experience.

Following his graduation from a local high school, Kevin earned a degree in leadership from the university of New Brunswick, UNB. he also worked for a degree year in computer science at UNB and is currently looking to bring his knowledge into mining.

Kevin Beets Mining Career

Kevin admits that he has a special heart for machinery having the capacity to operate any of the machines used in the mines such as the dozers, scrappers, rock trucks, excavators among many others. however, during summer, he loves being engaged in welding fabrication as well as any mechanic work. he feels being a mechanic satisfies and motivates him.

Additionally, Kevin has trained extensively in power lifting. Kevin has always been working under his father as a part of the beats crew. his first major challenge came in 2011 when he was tasked to lead the Eureka Camp site for three years. he worked on the site until 2013 before joining his father at the main dredge.

While Kevin is by no means a shabby leader, his true abilities lie elsewhere. a master of machinery operation Kevin enjoys working with heavy machinery, but even more than that Kevin enjoys welding, fabricating and mechanic work.

To him mechanic work is not only satisfying but also motivating; even though Kevin enjoys working with his family it doesn’t mean he has no complaints. Kevin regularly gets into argument with his sister Monica to discuss the best way to work on a certain thing. on the other hand, Kevin has been quite candid about the huge level of expectation that comes with being the son of tony beets.

but regardless of all the nuances Kevin enjoys being and working with his family. Kevin first made an appearance in Gold Rush during the 5th season of the show a part of the beets crew. the 26-year-old Kevin was working at the Paradise Hill claim and disassembling the beets bacon strip machine one at clear creek and reassembling it at Eureka Creek claim.

Since then, Kevin has made regular appearances in the series and has established himself as one of the core cast members on the show.

Kevin Beets Net Worth

As of now Kevin beets has been estimated to have a net worth of $3 million through his involvement in his father’s business Kevin has been able to amass his wealth. Additionally, his wealth has been through his involvement in the documentary series Gold Rush that he has featured in. Kevin beets is expected to earn more from his roles and his net worth is expected to rise more.

While he followed his father’s business, he has had to put in energy as well as dedication through loving what he does.

Kevin Beets Relationship

Kevin beets tends to keep his personal and love life secret; however, we have confirmed that the handsome miner is no more single. he is in a relationship with his long-time girlfriend. the exact date of their relationship is still missing.

as of now Kevin beets is in a relationship with his long-time girlfriend. most of the miners on Gold Rush tend to feature their romantic partners on the reality show. Kevin beets girlfriend as well as one of the participants of the beats mining team.

Although very few details about Kevin’s love life have been revealed on the show, it’s clear to see that he and she have been together for some time. there are reports that Kevin and his girlfriend are engaged however this may not be confirmed.

The pair are seen traveling together around the world in different locations and are known to support each other both personally and professionally. furthermore, his girlfriend’s name is Faith Tang and belongs to Asian American ethnicity.

Kevin has worked through dedication as well as love for his job behind his father’s footsteps. his love for the job has kept him going.

With time he is expected to reap more from the hard work he has put on his job in addition to being a star in the Gold Rush.

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