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The Boys Return Even More Shocking And The Internet Reacts With Memes

the third season of the boys Arrived to Amazon Prime Video with the usual mixture of humor, twists and lots of blood.

After a long wait for the series to return, fans were finally able to check out three previously unseen episodes and the reaction was instantaneous with a shower of memes. Check out some of the best ones below. beware of spoilers.

There’s no way to escape, the first episode of the new season left many people stunned:

But at least it served to illustrate a very Brazilian biological issue:

To Hughie’s dismay, the false romance between Starlight and Captain Homeland also gave rise to talk:

Captain Patria, by the way, is more violent than ever:

Although not everyone is afraid of the super, right Billy Bruto?

At least Kimiko managed to find a healthy hobby in the midst of all this madness:

the boys wins episodes every Friday on Amazon Prime Video.

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