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Shelley Duvall, From The Shining, To Make New Horror Movie After 20 Years

Shelley Duvall became one of horror’s most iconic figures for her role as Wendy in The illuminated (1980), classic of Stanley Kubrick. Behind the scenes, however, everything was far less glamorous. As a result, the actress has disappeared from Hollywood in recent decades – but now she’s returning in a new horror movie (via deadline ).

More than 20 years after her last role, Shelley Duvall was set to star in The Forest Hills a werewolf film, where the mother of the tormented protagonist lives, who also serves as the boy’s inner voice for moments of wisdom.

The project follows a man named Rico (Chiko Mendez) who begins to be plagued by visions and nightmares after sustaining a severe head injury while on a camping trip. To mark the announcement, the production released a behind-the-scenes photo of the actress, which shows how Shelley Duvall is in 2022 – see below:

Shelley Duvall behind the scenes of The Forest Hills, her first role in two decades

The list also has Edward Furlong and Dee Wallace. The project written and directed by Scott Goldberg a filmmaker who was assistant producer on Dawn of the Dead (2004) and who has a long career in short films and documentaries. This marks his first feature, and Goldberg has become a big fan of The illuminated – which motivated the choice of Shelley Duvall to the cast.

The treatment that the actress suffered on the set of The illuminated, where she claims to have been the victim of mistreatment by director Stanley Kubrick, has become a sad and controversial account of working in Hollywood. After the classic failed critics and box office on its original release, she took few roles, and launched herself as a producer. In less than 20 years, however, Shelley Duvall retired from Hollywood.

Her name only came up again when she was the victim of an infamous variety show episode. Dr. Phil, which recorded the actress – who suffers from mental disorders – going through a more intense time, without medication. Currently, Shelley Duvall lives isolated in a town in the interior of Texas, where she is well cared for by the local population, as she herself revealed in an article for the Hollywood Reporter in 2021.

No premiere date is published yet for The Forest Hills. 

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