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Sauron Actor Anticipates Different Faces Of The Villain In The Rings Of Power

The ultimate secret of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power was finally revealed in the final chapter of the season. The man, the myth, the Dark Lord himself, Sauron, appeared in flesh, bone and wickedness. Now, the star responsible for bringing the villain of Middle-earth to life is so excited he’s already talking about what the next seasons will bring.

As many fans imagined, Sauron was indeed disguised as the Halbrand in Charlie Vickers. Morgoth’s former servant deceived even Galadriel (Morfydd Clark) and was last seen heading towards mordor. In an interview with ScreenRant (via collider), Vickers says more evil comes from a:

We know that Sauron assumes different roles in this Age. All I can say maybe. Maybe we do all these things. I’m incredibly excited to represent all of this on screen. He still has a bunch of aniseed to do. And a goes to Nmenor, to orchestrate the fall of the kingdom. Afterwards he assumes yet another form and fights in battle at the end of the Second Age. The show’s creators have a very specific plan for how this all plays out.

The Power Rings aired with at least five seasons guaranteed. The agility even made the second year go into production in October, even without a launch date yet.

The first season of the series has eight episodes and is in available on Amazon Prime Video.

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