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Red Sonja Appears With A Sword In The First Snap Of The Film

After many years in development, it seems that the film from Red Sonja will finally come off the paper. The project that adapts the comic  character of Dynamite had its first image released.

The photo was published by Millennium Films producer behind franchises such as the mercenaries and shows the Italian actress Matilda Lutz like the red-haired warrior.

Featured on pages Conan the Barbarian at marvel comics Back in 1973, Red Sonja is a fearless warrior with swordsmanship, intelligence and a thirst for power and lust that rivals even the supreme character of the comic. After that, she became a recurring presence in the comics, until she eventually gained her own series when the it went to the hands of Dynamite Entertainment in 2005.

Matilda Lutz is a relatively unknown actress outside Italy. Her most renowned roles are the The Call 3 (2017), the controversial revenge (2019) and the fun A Classic Horror Film (2021). if Red Sonja If it works out, it could end up launching her career for good.

It was even Lutz’s performance in revenge – a film that follows a woman with supernatural abilities taking revenge on her abusers – which secured her the role, according to Millennium Films president Jeffrey Greenstein, in a statement on the official website:

It has been a long journey from script to screen, and we are excited to begin production after assembling the best creative team, with a group of promising talent in a fantastical and fun world inspired by the adventures of Red Sonja. MJ Bassett, She’s an amazing filmmaker with a lot of vision, and Matilda was so brilliant in Vengeance that we’ve known she was perfect for the role ever since – that’s the perfect duo for Red Sonja.

Who takes the direction M.J. Bassett a filmmaker who is increasingly gaining a name after many years of experience in TV series such as Ash vs. evil dead, Altered Carbon, Reacher, The Terminal List and much more. she also drove rogue (2020), starring Megan Foxand long before that commanded Silent Hill: Revelationl in 2012.

The project went through a developmental limbo that dragged on for years. At a given moment, Rose McGowan (panic) and Hannah John-Kamen (Ant-Man and the Wasp) almost took on the role of the protagonist, but it never got off the ground.

No release date yet announced for Red Sonja yet. 

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