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Olympic gold medalist Usain Bolt debut with new album release

Usain bolt released new album

The former top athlete Usain Bolt is in full swing with a new career

With eight Olympic gold medals behind him and with world records of, among other things, 100 and 200 meters, the former top athlete, Jamaican Usain Bolt is now releasing his debut album Country Yutes .

Country Yutes brings together Bolt’s inspirations, combining dancehall and reggae with his best friend Nugent NJ Walker, who is vocalist, while Bolt acts as producer.

“If you’ve been following my career over the years, you have seen that I always dance and listen to music. It’s no secret that I love music. Music has just always been a part of my DNA,” says Usain Bolt in a press release.

Usain  and NJ  tell musically about many experiences from growing up in Sherwood Content in Trelawny Parish to life in Kingston and musically range from dancehall over melodic reggae to hip hop and trap. On the record, they want to create music that can reach all walks of life.

Usain kicked off the music in 2019 and has already released three dancehall mixtapes titled Olympe Rose Riddim, Immortal Riddim and Clockwork Riddim . Earlier this year, he collaborated with dancehall artist Cham on the song “Lock Down” from the latter mixtape. It is critical of what Bolt considers to be double-standard restrictions during the pandemic, in which tourism in Jamaica was opened to save the hotel industry, while artists and the culture and entertainment industry continued to suffer.

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