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Money Heist: What You Need To Know Before Season 5?

Money Heist

Was money heists based on a true story? Which actor got real stitches for a scene? Which characters had completely different storylines we never got to see and why ?

The original narrator for the dream team

It may come as a surprise but screenwriters had a different narrator in mind in the original script at the beginning of production, directors switched from the professor to friendly and cheerful Moscow. But not a single man could live up to the honorable title of the narrator which was snatched by Tokyo once and for all. When  Úrsula Corberó auditioned for the show it just clicked, the directors realized that a female perspective would give weight to the show. Watch until the end to find out what her narration has to do with the future series finale.

Was Berlin canceled

Did you know that the actor Pedro Alonso who portrayed cruel and charismatic Berlin was almost cancelled by the audience? The Heist member Mears our society and represents everything that is wrong with mankind and yet we can’t take her eyes off him. We watched Berlin toy with people’s feelings and didn’t see his death coming. The Spanish actor said that part four showed a different side of his character, when he died playing him in the flashbacks proved to be more emotional. It’s as if I have to discover a New Berlin and a new wider perspective for the role, but it turned out that some people reached out to Pina saying this character doesn’t fit with the times. You should take him out of the series. He’s a narcissist and psychopath in many ways but not without reason. Now we had a love-hate relationship with this one the guy used a fork if I repeat an actual fork as a weapon and you tell me that you find him charming at this point.

“Weakness is not in us, it is in what we have outside.”

Into a tremendous character overnight

The show is pretty much a series of unfortunate events for all parties involved and the reason why everything went south is mentioned right in the theme song, instead of executing his hostage Denver shoots Monica in the leg and that’s where their controversial love story begins. The writers of the show did plan to have a little romantic game where Denver helps Monica portrayed by Esther at Babel become one of the heist members and teaches her how to use a gun. The fun part is the two days before the shoot Villa Casa de papel crew decided to add a twist and let Esther’s character shoot a gun without a man’s help. the actress revealed the director said it could be more shocking if she was put in a situation to make the decision herself to pick up a gun and shoot it without knowing how to do it, to save the lives of her colleagues. The result is a tremendous scene with a fable in full-on Terminator mode still cannot see how a secretary can turn into a professional hitman overnight but in this universe anything is possible.

Keeping it real no matter what!

Although the Bank of Spain never allowed the money heist crew to enter the real bank for obvious reasons. the production team managed to replicate anything it could with their imagination, including the defense mechanism. The team hired a marine engineer to reproduce the Vault that floods itself when breached. Just like the real Bank of Spain you can thank them for that later and for the bank it might be time to change the locks. Another shocker is Enrique Arce. in the series getting real stitches from an actual doctor in one of the scenes when his character had to be patched up after being shot apparently the doctor got carried away and began stitching actual skin, the actor kept his cool and continued with the scene despite the pain and that is what I call dedication.

“I do not want to ignore this, this desire that I feel alive, because I’ve never had so much.”

Movie script? bella ciao !

 It seems like the MH production team loves keeping secrets from their actors in fact improvisation was key when shooting the series. The cast revealed the episodes were shot as a sequence letting actors change storylines and add to the script on the go. Which is a lot of freedom not many directors offer but some actors were left puzzled, when new details popped up? Darko Peric who plays Helsinki said he had no idea about his character’s sexuality for several episodes; some things were really surprising for me. in the third episode they discover that Helsinki is gay. I just thought he was a war veteran from the Balkans, so I didn’t build that character like I would do. I was in the closet for two episodes and for me it was very surprising other cast members supported the idea like Rodrigo de la Serna Palmeiro in the series. The uncertain future puts you in a paradigm of anticipation and full attention you need to be present in each situation it fascinates me to work this way where nothing is established and anything can happen, that’s very exciting for an actor. I guess Rodrigo needs intrigue as much as his character does.

Is money heist based on a true story?

Although the money heist thieves are fictional characters a similar bank robbery happened before, in 2006 a group of robbers stole eight million dollars from the bank Oh Rio in Buenos Aires. In an epic scene they escaped in a boat and were followed by two hundred policemen. Five years later some thieves did an impressive job of renting a place next to the Buenos Aires bank digging a 30-meter tunnel straight into the building. Sound familiar maybe these two events inspired the show’s writers.

“In this world, everything is governed by balance. There’s what you stand to gain and what you stand to lose. And when you think you’ve got nothing to lose, you become overconfident.”

It’s just one of several alternative storylines

This series is packed with tear-jerking scenes and there is no chance you can finish the season without solving. The writers are playing the games of Thrones trick on us removing our beloved characters one by one; we slowly discover everyone’s background but not much about their motivation to join the heist. What we did learn is that Berlin had a terminal disease. He felt like he had nothing left to lose so he sacrificed himself to let others escape. But what we’ve seen so far is actually a more positive and simplified version of the initial script. First off the names of the main characters were replaced Moscow’s name was Chernobyl, Cameroon was replaced with Nairobi, and Valencia became Oslo, who God this is some geography 101 class right here the names were. Then recycled as operation titles on top of that all of the characters were meant to have some sort of incurable illness and we’re trying to pay off their treatment. That is how the creator’s wanted to explain why eight thieves agreed to join a heist of such scale in the first place. The bottom line was that probably in the end nobody would live long enough to enjoy the money they stole but as always the MH team wanted to deliver meaningful symbolism.

Casually turned out to be family

Surprise… surprise… Berlin and the professor were not brothers according to the original script; it was all Pedro Alonso and Alvaro mortes idea. The two decided it was exactly what the series needed. In an interview I also said as we spoke to the writers we discovered this relationship between Berlin and El professor the link between the brothers was one of the most specific surprises on the show. it was like creating a family from the impossible, so should we expect some more family links to be brought to the surface, who knows… let’s hope it won’t take more year to find out… what do you think leave your comments

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