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MN Millennial Farmer, Everything You Need to Know

MN Millennial Farmer

Zach Johnson has made himself the solution for farmers all over the world as he shares secrets to getting the right harvest on you tube.

Johnson Family Farm History

His family emigrated from Sweden in the 1870s and established the farm. in the 1960s they experienced a major setback when the third-generation grandpa became ill and died young and unexpectedly.

Grandma had to collect her belongings and relocate to the south with Zach’s father who was only a few years old at the time. in Southern Minnesota his father grew up farming with his stepfather and uncle.

In his early 20s he returned to the family farm and rented the land from great grandpa who still owned it but could no longer farm it he admits he sometimes wonders how things would have turned out differently if he could go back in time.

That is if he had stayed in Southern Minnesota but ultimately as he says he knows the pride he feels from having rebuilt his family’s homestead. Zach is the fifth generation of Johnson to farm this land.

His wife Becky and he have four children one of which is their fostered niece who has been living with them for several years now. a lot of people can understand and appreciate the sense of pride to be had over that as you’re likely in similar situations on your farms.

He says that when he looks into the distance in every direction all of the neighbouring farms have similar stories. this is still rural America that many people romanticize but fail to recognize.

The end of planting season was near with just 350 acres left to fill with soybeans when Zach Johnson got a call about a problem out in the field the nose of a 40-thousand-pound tractor with a cultivator hooked to the rear was buried so deep in the muck that it couldn’t back out on its own.

MN Millennial Farmer You tube

Birth of You tube Channel

Most of small-scale farmers would see this as a costly and time-consuming disaster but Johnson saw an opportunity, he took a rope chain and video camera with him after an hour of trial-and-error Johnson and three other people ultimately managed to extract the johndeere from the knee-deep muck.

Plus side the video tractor stuck in the mud went on to amass over 3 million YouTube views after Johnson posted it on June 4, 2019 making it the all-time most popular video on his channel millennial farmer. he doesn’t wish for such a disaster to occur.

Growing maize and soybeans on his family’s land in West Central Minnesota is enough for the full-time fifth generation farmer but there is a silver lining when a massive piece of machinery collapses into a sudden mud pit the opportunity to film another spectacular video people loved it.

Johnson says of the tractor fiasco, now the joke is okay if somebody gets something stuck, we got to make sure we call Zach over with a camera.

The funny thing is that most of the video titles on millennial farmer don’t scream viral they don’t even whisper it. i grew up loving it he says this doesn’t mean that Zach doesn’t have another passion elsewhere because he does.

He has another love for dirt track racing after he graduated high school he attended school in Bemidji, Minnesota to study performance engines that power race cars.

This is probably where his love for cars comes from or why he studied them to begin with “I wanted to start my shop he says still this was harder than he initially thought, I was kicking around that idea trying to figure out what to do I started farming with dad and as i went along i decided to farm was what i wanted to do”

Several years later he says that he noticed a disconnect between farmers and non-farmers. even those who grew up in this rural area “I saw them put stuff on social media that was just not right” he says.

One non-farmer i know said when she looked up GMO on the web it was all negative he says she could not find one farmer who talked about why he planted

GMO to her farmers were keeping a big secret Zach took it upon himself to educate people as the millennial farmer Zach is the go-to for most millennial farmer’s solutions.

Net worth

He has managed to gain a fan base and create a channel that helps provide people with solutions to their farming problems as of 2021 the channel has over 800 000 subscribers and has received over 200 million views it receives over a hundred thousand daily views from various sources.

The adverts that show on the videos should generate over one thousand dollars per day which is over three hundred thousand dollars per year in revenue after YouTube takes its cut video creators in the United States, The United Kingdom, Canada and Australia are typically paid 2 to 12 dollars on every one thousand monetized views.

We estimate that the Minnesota Millennial Farmer Youtube channel earns over 21, 000 in monthly ad revenue in over 300,000 per year however our estimate may be too low if Minnesota millennial farmers succeeds at the top advertising income might reach over 500,000 a year.

Minnesota millennial farmers are likely to have other sources of income sponsorships affiliate commissions product sales and speaking engagements can all bring in a lot more money than adverts.

Millennial Farmer makes extra income through his online merch store which sells branded tees, caps and hooded sweatshirts. millennial farmer is a popular youtube channel, he has an estimated net worth of over 2 million dollars.

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