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Marvel And Star Wars Caused Tron 3 To Be Cancelled, Says Director

director of Top Gun: Maverick, Joseph Kosinski is used to commanding lengthy sequences. In 2010, the filmmaker released Tron: The Legacy which arrived almost 30 years after the first tron (1982). For many years, it was speculated that a third film was about to happen, with a return of the cast and even a title. Now, Kosinski confirms that not only the project died, as he cited the Marvel and the saga Star Wars as part of the reason.

in interview Variety he says:

When I made Tron: Legacy, Disney didn’t own Marvel or Star Wars. We were the option for a fantasy story and science fiction. When you get those other franchises, it makes sense to put money where it’s safest and not the weird art school kid sitting in the back with black fingernails. And that was Tron. But it’s okay.

Kosinski also revealed that the feature already had a script ready and even finished storyboards, practically ready to shoot. the provisional title Tron: Ascension it was also used in news from years ago.

O tron original has Jeff Bridges in the role of a man who ends up inside a virtual system, where he has to fight to survive in dangerous games. The film was an innovation in visual effects at the time. The feature is in the Brazilian catalog of Disney+like this Tron: The Legacy.

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