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Who Is LIFE UNCONTAINED? Everything you Need to Know.

Life Uncontained

Have you ever wondered what the lifestyles of famous you tubers would be like, or how much money did they make and when we’re talking about a channel as popular as Life Uncontained, what would be their net worth?

In this Post we’ll be looking into the bio, lifestyle, income and net worth of McKenzie and Spencer or, as the couple is popularly known Life Uncontained.

Mackenzie and Spencer is a couple from Florida. United States. Who run a popular YouTube, channel called Life Uncontained and, as of today, this YouTube channel’s got 1. 14 million subscribers with the 161 videos posted by the couple gathering more than 150 million views.

There video by the title. Couple builds shipping container home with no experience. Now this video has managed to reach 28 million views and 468,000 likes and all their other videos have similar titles as well, and almost every single one has at least one million views.

So by now, you’re probably wondering who are these people and what do they do? Well, let’s dig a little bit deeper and talk about what kind of videos they post, what their lifestyles like, how their story goes and so on.

Start of Journey

It was on March 1st 2018 that Mackenzie and Spencer left Florida and moved to Texas leaving their precious lifestyle behind now.

I know most of us would absolutely love to have a steady, paying job with a decent salary and insurance and etc, and we definitely would not trade it in for anything else in the world. But this couple: well, they thought differently because, while leaving Florida, they both had to quit their jobs in the restaurant business and had sold everything starting from their cars to their home and so on, and they did so with the sole ambition of fulfilling their longtime dream.

The dream of building an off-grid container home for themselves without much outside help and live in the woods. So the couple started to concentrate on building their dream: shipping container home, which would be debt-free and completely powered by solar energy.

They’ve, even built a rainwater catchment system. In order to supply their water demands in the forest, the main idea behind all of this was to be as self-reliant and far away from society as possible, and This couple captured each stage of their journey in beautiful videos and uploaded them to their channel, which began To receive some crazy responses in their videos were able to see that they did almost everything on their own, like, for example, to meet their daily power requirements.

They transformed a useless old barn that they found into a fully facilitated storage, closet for solar energy, McKenzie and Spencer arranged the whole setup by themselves, and now the old barn is their own fully functioning solar power system.

What’s even crazier, is that they use tesla batteries for this that were set up off-grid using the internet, so, basically most of the content that they post mainly has to do with sharing each and every part of their journey with the World.

Right from the planning and foundation of their shipping container house to the setting up of a DIY homemade solar power system, they post every little step of their progress so that the viewers can enjoy it.

And this is why this channel has over 1.14 million subscribers. They took a massive risk by choosing this lifestyle over a fixed, steady Income, but it certainly does not look like they’re doing so bad either, because, even though there was a good chance that one day they’ll look back at that decision and regret their choice.

But now it seems, like everything has worked out well for the amazing couple, apart from YouTube, Mackenzie and Spencer have actually maintained accounts on other platforms too, like Instagram, Facebook and patreon.

 It is important to mention here that these two were definitely not experts in any technical work. Nor did they have any previous experience when they started to go ahead with this project.

They used to be in the restaurant business and it was almost as if they woke up one morning and out of nowhere just randomly decided to quit their jobs and build their dream house out of two ugly shipping containers.

Apparently, the Couple got their inspiration to build a home like this from a road trip during which they stayed in various unconventional guest houses and ever since then, Spence and McKenzie had been researching the internet about alternative style homes before they got this idea that changed their Lives forever.

Immediately, as they decided to pursue their dreams. They went ahead and bought two shipping containers and started working on them by using tutorials and videos from YouTube.

It took them more than two years to finish this dream project and in their most popular video, we can see clearly how beautifully they have documented each step of their journey in the road towards fulfilling this dream.

How much money does Life Uncontained earn?

Now, as we had mentioned earlier in this video, this YouTube channel has more than 1.14 Million subscribers. As of march 2021, the couple joined YouTube in December 2017 and in just over three years, they’ve reached about 152 million views with their videos.

In the last 30 days alone, this channel has gained about 500 to 1000 subscribers according to you tube’s analytics, which has a pretty good rate.

McKenzie and Spencer have a crazy net worth, which we’ll be, revealing it in a bit and how they earn their money from various sources. However, their main income comes out of YouTube and Patreon.

So how much money are they actually making out of YouTube? Let us quickly find out about that to understand what we’re about to show you right now. You first need to have a somewhat clear idea about how YouTube channels earn their money and what it’s based on.

Income generated by the channel can be calculated by two factors. One is the daily views that the channel gains and the other is the CPM or cost per ml. This is nothing but the cost.

An advertiser pays for every 1,000 impressions or every 1,000 times that an AD is viewed or clicked on by viewers, Usually you tubers get paid somewhere between 2 to 7 dollars for every thousand monetized views after YouTube takes its commission or cut.

Who Is LIFE UNCONTAINED? Everything you Need to Know.

Now, All of these things are, depending on various factors like the device played on location of the viewer time of the year, and so on.

The other way where you tubers can earn an income is through a program known as Google preferred here. Top bridge companies show targeted ads on the top five percent of the most popular and trendy content on YouTube and, of course, the prices of these ads are much much higher.

So if a channel is trending, then chances are they’re getting paid a bit more than their usual income.

So when we look into this channel, we can see that they have posted long videos that are at least more than 10 minutes, and this means that they also get a higher CPM.

Since these videos can be very lucrative to advertisers. So, let’s just roughly say that they earn a CPM of five dollars from you tube’s ad revenue system.

Now this channel has got more than 5.23 million views in the last 30 days, and this means that their daily view count is 174,000. Since we already know that they’re paid five dollars for every 1, 000 views, we can calculate that this channel earns about $870 per day.

This will take them to a monthly income of around $26,200 and overall yearly revenue of more than $310,000 which is amazing, since all of this is coming from you tube’s ad revenue alone.

Apart from this, the couple also earns extra income through their patreon Account, where fans can support them with a paid monthly subscription.

According various other reports, this couple has a net worth that is well over $500,000 out of which most of the revenue comes from their YouTube channel.

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