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John Carpenter Wants To Direct A Movie on Dead Space

Master of horror cinema, with classics like halloween (1978) and The Enigma of Another World (1982) in the curriculum, John Carpenter still finds time to play video games between scare and another. The filmmaker talked about his favorite games and even chose dead space like a project I would love to take to the big screen.

speaking to AV Club Carpenter says:

The only game I can think of about taking Dead Space to theaters. It would make a really, really good movie. I think I could do this.

In the interview, the director also revealed his passion for video games. fallout and Horizon: Forbidden West and said he also enjoys lighter games, like Ratchet & Clank.

What remains now is to hope that the studios listen to the man. Imagine you John Carpenter LOOSE with yet another space terror in hand.

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