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Jesse James West, a well-known American Fitness Instructor, Lacrosse Player, YouTuber, TikTok Celebrity, Social Media Influencer, Instagram Personality, Blogger, and Entrepreneur from Sparta, New Jersey, was born on January 25, 2000, He is just 22 years old now. 

His impeccable body and YouTube videos have made him known across the country.

Who is Jesse James West?

Jesse frequently posts fitness related videos on his Youtube account because he is a fitness fanatic. In addition to this, he also manages his official website, where he offers his followers an online training course. Sources claim that Jesse James became known as a result of his fitness related TikTok videos.

In no time, he amassed thousands of followers on his social media accounts. Jesse has worked with numerous well-known fitness companies and fashion products because he is a fitness junkie. In addition, she is mainly concentrating on his YouTube career.

On his Youtube account, fans also loved his vlogs, challenges, and prank related videos. I should mention that James also manages his online clothing and merchandise store.

This article contains details about the life of Jesse James West including his biography, wiki, age, family, height, weight, workout routine, nutrition, lifestyle, girlfriend name and amazing facts.

Where was Jesse James West? Ethnicity, Nationality, Family, Education

Jesse James West, a certified personal trainer, was born to parents on January 25, 2000, in Sparta, New Jersey, in the United States. As a Christian, Jessee.

Jesse James West is 22 years old, to be specific (as of 2022). Every year, on January 25, he blows out his birthday candles.

James has long passion for physical exercise. According to reports, he began working out at the gym when he was a senior in high school. In an interview, he stated: My goal is to give people the best possible fitness information. Since he was young, he has shown great interest in sports.

Jesse James completed his higher education at Montclair State University, according to his social media usernames. In his college years, he also participated in several lacrosse games. He began concentrating on a career in fitness after finishing his higher education. Jesse is currently a well-known fitness instructor and YouTube celebrity.

James West is white and of Caucasian descent, according to news reports. He practices Christianity as his religion. Jesse James’ zodiac sign is Aquarius based on his birth date.

As for the details of his family, there is no reliable information accessible. Our investigation indicates that his mother is a housewife and her father (name withheld) is a businessman. Along with her brothers and cousins, he grew up in Sparta, New Jersey.

Is Jesse James West  Married? Relationship

We found out that Jesse James West is currently dating Claudia Walsh after checking her Instagram account. The couple exchanged numerous images on social media.

Numerous videos of Jesse on YouTube also feature Claudia. Walsh and James were featured in a bunch of James’ vlogs on his YouTube channel.

He took Claudia on a romantic getaway for a week. The adventures in Miami have begun.

On the other hand, little is known about their initial meeting. We found out that Jesse was in a relationship with his ex-girlfriend, Brooke, after looking at her Facebook page.

James also posted numerous images of Brooke on his Facebook page. Since September 2021, Jesse James and Claudia Walsh have been in a romantic relationship.

How did Jesse James West begin his professional career?

When it comes to his career, Jesse James West started out as an athlete. He decided to play lacrosse in college. Jesse represented Montclair State University in college lacrosse games, according to his Instagram profile.

He has also competed in various junior championships. Additionally, Jesse posted photos of himself playing lacrosse on his social media accounts. He played in several schools. Jesse James also developed a sizable fan base over the course of his sports career.

Jesse James West began concentrating on his fitness career after completing his college education. He put in a lot of effort and struggled to make himself known in this industry.

Jesse James West, a certified fitness instructor, also offers Internet training to his clientele. In addition to this, he also runs a fitness website where he offers online exercise instruction. In addition, it offers the best discount coupons on its training courses.

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