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Javier Gutirrez, Everything You Need to Know.

Javier Gutirrez

Javier Gutirrez Álvarez is a Spanish actor who was born in the Asturian town of Luanco, but grew up in Ferrol, a Galician city where he arrived a few months after his birth.

His father died when he was very young, leaving Javier in the care of his mother Guillermina.

He has two sisters named Guillermina and Mara. In Ferrol he went to La Salle and Dafonte schools.

Short Bio

Stage Name Javier Gutiérrez
Real Name Javier Gutiérrez
Profession(s) Movie Actor,
Birthday January 17, 1971
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Age 51 years
Birthplace Asturias, Spain
Hometown Asturias, Asturias, Spain
Nationality Spanish

In the latter, he started for his passion for acting by taking part in theatrical performances that he expanded with his arrival at the Male Institute.

Determined to become a professional actor, Gutirrez left Galicia in the early 1990s to study at Madrid Interpretación, attending Ángel Gutirrez’s school.


In 1993, he performed “La Tinaja” at the theater, a play by Luigi Pirandello, with a production by Teatro del Duendo. Shortly after, he can be seen in “Angelino y El Genio De La Lmpara”, a work written by Antonio Prada, and interpreting a text by Pedro Calderón de la Barca in “Mojiganga De La Muerte”.

His work with the Animalario company in 2000 gave rise to his theatrical career, participating in titles such as “El Fin De Los Sueos”, “Ferchand Train Fleeing To The West”, “Cheap Pornography”, “Vivir Como Cerdos”, “Alejandro y Ana”, “Hamelin”, “Algerino, Servant Of Two Masters” or “Tito Andrnico”, the classic by William Shakespeare.

In the movies, Javier Gutirrez made his debut with “The Other Side of the Bed” (2002), a comedy directed by Emilio Martnez-Lzaro.

His career on the big screen were mainly in comedy films, such as “Das De Ftbol” (2003) by David Serrano, “Crimen Ferpecto” (2004) by Lex de la Iglesia, or playing Pocholo in “El Asombroso Mundo De Borjamari”. and Pocholo” (2004), a film co-starring Santiago Segura.

Later, had Javier for several of his productions starring his famous character Torrente.

Television Gave Him Popularity.


In Galicia he participated in the series “Mareas Vivas” (2000) and later he took part in:

“Policemen, In The Heart Of The Street”

His fame grew with his character as José Luis in “Los Serrano” (2006-2008) and, above all, with his role as Satur in “guila Roja” (2009-2016).

His debut as a dramatic actor in the cinema came with his police character Juan in the thriller “La Isla Mnima” (2015), a film with Ral Arvalo as a partner in detective fatigues that earned him a Goya for best leading actor.

For this film, Gutirrez won various awards, including the award for best actor at the San Sebastian Festival.

The same year of “La Isla Mnima”, Javier premiered on the big screen:

“Truman” (2015), a film with Ricardo Darn and Javier Camara in which he played an undertaker.

“The Unknown” (2015), a thriller co-starring Luis Tosar, with whom he coincided again a year later in the historical action film “1898. The last of the Philippines” (2016) and in the bank robbery thriller “Plan De Fuga” (2016).

He also took part in “Assassin’s Creed” (2016), a Hollywood production based on a video game in which Gutirrez became the inquisitor Torquemada.

The protagonist of “Assassin’s Creed” was Michael Fassbender.

He took part in “El Olivo” (2016), a film for which he was nominated for the Goya Award for best supporting actor; and became Francisco Franco in the series “Lo Que Escondan Sus Ojos” (2016).

In 2017 they premiered “El Autor” (2017), an adaptation of the novel “El Mvil” by Javier Cercas.

For his performance as Álvaro, an aspiring writer who manipulates his neighbors to create a novel, Gutirrez won his second Goya Award for Best Leading Actor.

In 2017, the series “I’m Alive” (2017-2020) premiered on television in the role of Manuel Márquez, a policeman who comes back to life after being murdered by a serial criminal; and “Vergenza”, a production co-starring Malena Alterio.

In 2018 he became the coach of a basketball team made up of intellectually disabled people in “Champions” (2018), a film directed by Javier Fesser.

The same year he accompanied Adriana Ugarte in “Durante La Tormenta” (2018).

In 2020, the movie “Hogar” (2020), directed by the brothers Lex and David Pastor, with Mario Casas in the cast, will premiere on Netflix.

A year later, also on Netflix, Gutirrez starred in “Bajocero” (2021), playing a policeman whose prison van is robbed.

In the year 2021, on Movistar, they will also premiere the TV series “Reyes De La Noche” (2021), with Javier in a lookalike of the sports announcer José María García.

Another Javier film in 2021 was “La Hija” (2021), a thriller set in the Sierra de Cazorla.

He starred in the prison film “Modelo 77” (2022) with Miguel Herrn.

What is Javier Gutirrez preparing?

He is currently preparing the films “Lobo Feroz”, “Pjaros”, “Tomorrow Is Today” and “Honeymoon”.

Some of his latest theater works are an adaptation of “Ay, Carmela” by José Sanchs Sinisterra, “Bansia” by Carlo Pontini or “Who is Mr. Schmitt?”, a play by Sbastien Thiry directed by Sergio Peris-Mencheta.

Javier Gutirrez is a great football fan. His favorite teams are Rcing de Ferrol and FC Barcelona.

Her partner is Ins Enciso, director of Primera Toma, a cultural projects company.

The couple had their son Mateo in 2009.



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DAYS OF FOOTBALL (2003) by David Serrano
FERPECT CRIME (2004) by lex de la Iglesia
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THE LONGEST PENALTY IN THE WORLD (2005) by Roberto Santiago
TORRENT 3: THE PROTECTOR (2005) by Santiago Segura
A FRANCO 14 PESETAS (2006) by Carlos Iglesias
DAYS OF FILM (2007) by David Serrano
GET OUT WHEELING (2007) by Álvaro Fernández Armero

POOR QUALITY PEOPLE (2008) by Juan Cavestany
SAINTS (2008) by Nicols López
AT THE END OF THE ROAD (2009) by Roberto Santiago
TORRENT 4 (2011) by Santiago Segura
DON’T CALL IT LOVE… CALL IT X (2011) by Oriol Capel
RED EAGLE, THE FILM (2011) by José Ramón Ayerra
PEOPLE IN PLACES (2013) by Juan Cavestany
A NIGHT IN OLD MEXICO (2013) by Emilio Aragn
LAVAPIS STORIES (2014) by Ramón Luque
2 FRANCOS, 40 PESETAS (2014) by Carlos Iglesias
THE MINIMUM ISLAND (2014) by Alberto Rodríguez
THE UNKNOWN (2015) by Dani de la Torre
TRUMAN (2015) by Cesc Gay

THE OLIVE TREE (2016) by Iciar Bollan
1898. THE LAST OF THE PHILIPPINES (2016) by Salvador Calvo
ASSASSIN’S CREED (2016) by Justin Kurzel
ESCAPE PLAN (2016) by Iaki Dorronsoro
THE AUTHOR (2017) by Manuel Martn Cuenca
CHAMPIONS (2018) by Javier Fesser
DURING THE STORM (2018) by Oriol Paulo
SMALLFOOT (2018) -voice- by Karey Kirkpatrick and Clare Sera
HOME (2020) by David Pastor and lex Pastor
UNDERZERO (2021) by Llus Qulez
THE DAUGHTER (2021) by Manuel Martn Cuenca
MODEL 77 (2022) by Alberto Rodríguez

On the eve of release or in the production phase

TOMORROW IS TODAY (2022) by Nacho G. Velilla
HONEYMOON (2022) by Enrique Otero
FIERCE WOLF (2023) by Gustavo Hernández
BIRDS (2023) by Pau Dur

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