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James Caan, Everything you should know.

James Caan


James Caan was an American actor born in the New York Bronx into a Jewish family of German origin.

He was born on March 26, 1940 in the Bronx, New York (United States)
He died on July 6, 2022 in Los Angeles, California (United States)

His father was a butcher named Arthur Caan. His mother’s name was Sophie.

In his youth he played football and rodeo until he discovered theatrical performance while at Hofstra University.

Soon after, he studied at the Neighborhood Playhouse.

james caan as sonny corleone in the godfatherHe acted in the theater and came to television in the early 1960s, appearing in episodes of The Untouchables or Doctor Kildare.

His first film role was achieved in Irma La Dulce (1963), a comedy from billy wilder in which he intervened without accreditation.

His first credited appearance was in A Trapped Woman (1964), a psychological intrigue starring Olivia de Havilland.

In the 1960s it was led by Howard Hawks in the drama with atmosphere of car racing Danger Line 7000 (1965) and in the western El Dorado (1966).

In this period he also reported to Robert Altman on Countdown (1967) and to Francis Ford Coppola in It Rains on My Heart (1969).

Coppola chose him to play Sonny Corleone in The Godfather (1972), a film for which Caan was nominated for an Oscar for best supporting role.

In the 1970s:

I played Sonny Corleone again in the sequel to The Godfather
He starred in the sci-fi film Rollerball (1975)
And, among other films, he participated in the overproduction in the context of the Second World War A Far Bridge (1977).

In the 1980s, James was involved in very few movie titles.

Best Work of James Caan

Thief (1981), a film directed by Michael Mann
Alien Nation (1987), science fiction directed by Graham Baker
Jardines De Piedra (1987), a drama about the Vietnam that found him again with Coppola.

james caan with his wife linda stokesStarting in the 1990s, he multiplied his film appearances in a series of very irregular films, sharing action with arnold schwarzenegger in Eraser (1996) or comedy with Hugh grant in Mickey Blue Eyes (1999).

In 2003, he successfully starred in the TV series Las Vegas, a broadcast that continued until 2007.

Other television series in which the New York actor participated are “Magic City” (2013) and “Back In The Game” (2013-2014).

In the year 2021, the movie “El Club De Las Abejas Reina” (2021) will premiere in the cinema.

James Caan died in the Californian city of Los Angeles on July 6, 2022.
He was 82 years old.

What Films James Caan Was Working recently?

He was currently preparing the films “Megalpolis”, “Redemption”, “Acre Beyond The Rye” and “Gun Monkeys”.

James Caan was married four times.

The first in 1960 with Dee Jay Mathis, with whom he was paired until 1966
The second with Sheila Ryan (1976-1977)
The third with Ingrid Hajek (1990-1995)
The fourth with Linda Stokes, whom he married in 1995.

With this last couple he had his sons James and Jacob.
With Ingrid Hajek he had Alexander.
With Sheila Ryan Scott
With Dee Jay to her daughter Tara.

Films of James Caan

james caan moviesA TRAPPED WOMAN (1964) by Walter Grauman
GLORIOUS COMRADES (1965) by Arnold Laven
DANGER LINE 7000 (1965) by Howard Hawks
EL DORADO (1966) by Howard Hawks
COUNTDOWN (1967) by Robert Altman
DEATH KNOCKS AT THE DOOR (1967) by Curtis Harrington
JOURNEY TO SHILOH (1968) by William Hale
SUBMARINE X-1 (1969) by William H. Graham
IT RAINS ON MY HEART (1969) by Francis Ford Coppola
RABBIT, RUN (1970) de Jack Smight
LOST IN THE CITY (1971) by Herbert Ross
THE GODFATHER (1972) by Francis Ford Coppola
SLITHER (1973) Directed by Howard Zieff
An Odd Couple of Cops (1974) by Richard Rush
THE PLAYER (1974) by Karel Reisz
THE GODFATHER II (1974) by Francis Ford Coppola
FUNNY LADY (1975) Directed by Herbert Ross
ROLLERBALL A NEAR FUTURE? (1975) Norman Jewison
GONE WITH THE WEST (1975) Directed by Bernard Girard
THE ARISCRATS OF CRIME (1975) by Sam Peckinpah
A FAR BRIDGE (1977) by Richard Attenborough
UN AUTRE HOMME, UNE AUTRE CHANCE (1977) de Claude Lelouch
A WILD AND FREE RIDER COMES (1978) by Alan J. Pakula
CHAPTER TWO (1979) by Robert Moore
HIDE IN PLAIN SIGHT (1980) by James Caan
THIEF (1981) by Michael Mann

misery poster posterTHE ONE AND THE OTHER (1981) by Claude Lelouch
SMOOTH ME AND SMOKE YOU (1982) by Robert Mulligan
STONE GARDENS (1987) by Francis Ford Coppola
ALIEN NATION (1988) by Graham Baker
DICK TRACY (1990) by Warren Beatty
MISERY (1990) by Rob Reiner
THE DARK BACKWARD (1991) Directed by Adam Rifkin
HONEYMOON FOR THREE (1992) by Andrew Bergman
COLLEGE WOLVES (1993) by David S. Ward
LIKE UA AND MEAT (1993) by Steve Kloves
A BOY CALLED HATE (1995) by Mitch Marcus
NORTH STAR (1996) by Nils Gaup
ERASER (1996) Directed by Chuck Russell
BULLETPROOF: BULLETPROOF (1996) by Ernest R. Dickerson

james caan movies short biographyA JOURNEY FROM THE HEART (1998) by Paul Quinn
THE OTHER SIDE OF CRIME (1999) by James Gray
MICKEY BLUE EYES (1999) by Kelly Makin
LUCKYTOWN (1999) de Paul Nicholas
KIDNAP FROM HELL (2000) by Christopher McQuarrie
THE GUARDIAN OF RED ROCK (2001) by Stephen Gyllenhaal
THE OFFICER’S VERSION (2001) by Mikael Salomon
HOTEL OASIS (2001) Directed by Jason Bloom
THE SHADOW OF CRIME (2001) by Ric Roman Waugh
THE CITY OF GHOSTS (2002) by Matt Dillon
THIS THING OF OURS (2003) by Danny Provenzano
ELF (2003) by Jon Favreau
THE MANSIONS OF JERIC (2003) by Alberto Sciamma
DOGVILLE (2003) by Lars von Trier
SMART GIRL (2008) by Jerry Ciccoritti
SUPER AGENT 86 MOVIE (2008) by Peter Segal
NEW YORK, I LOVE YOU (2009) episode- by Brett Ratner
MERCY (2009) by Patrick Hoelck
MIDDLE MEN (2009) by George Gallo
CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBLACKS (2009) voice- by Phil Lord and Chris Miller
HENRY’S CRIME (2010) by Malcolm Venville
THE PROFESSOR (2011) by Tony Kaye
FOR THE LOVE OF MONEY (2012) by Ellie Kanner
FATHER’S MESS (2012) by Sean Anders
MY NEIGHBOR, THE KILLER (2012) by Jonas Akerlund
BLOOD TIES (2013) by Guillaume Canet
THE STRANGER (2014) by Brian A. Miller
THE FIGHTER (2014) by Damian Lee
PREGGOLAND (2014) by Jacob Tierney

MOB TEAM (2015) by Tony Bui
SICILIAN VAMPIRE (2015) Directed by Frank D’Angelo
GOOD ENOUGH (2016) by AnnaRose King
JL RANCH (2016) by Charles Robert Carner
SOMEONE IS WATCHING YOU (2016) by Kasra Farahani
THE RED MAPLE LEAF (2016) Directed by Frank D’Angelo
HOLY LANDS (2017) by Amanda Sthers
GRANDFATHER ESPA (2017) by Erik Canuel
WITH MAN (2018) by Bruce Caulk
OUT OF BLUE (2018) by Carol Morley
THE QUEEN BEE CLUB (2021) by Michael Lembeck

On the eve of release or in the production phase

REDEMPTION (2022) Directed by Tom Burruss
ACRE BEYOND THE RYE (2023) Directed by Andr Gordon
GUN MONKEYS (2023) Directed by Phillip Noyce
MEGALOPOLIS (2023) by Francis Ford Coppola

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