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How Much Does Parker Schnabel Actually Pay for His Crew?

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Parker Schnabel is one of the most successful stars on Gold Rush, at the end of high school the Gold Rush star was at the helm of a crew of miners twice of his age. He took charge of his grandfather’s big nugget mine as a teenager and never looked back.

Looking at parker’s career and journey you may feel like pursuing a new career path so many of you are curious and want to know the remuneration parker has paid to his crew members, this seems like a difficult question when it is a rather sensitive issue indeed the exact salaries of the crew members were often not disclosed Publicly for various reasons.

The secret was revealed when Gold Rush star Parker Schnabel broke down how much he pays his crew when he shared details about the wages his gold miners take home.

We know that gold mining can be a dangerous but lucrative business; however, like any other business their employees don’t make nearly as much. They still make a solid living but they’re not millionaires.

Gold Mining Crew Pay

Parker Schnabel has truly risen through the ranks of the gold-digging community to become one of its preeminent leaders, but he still manages to find time to scroll through social media.

It would seem during a recent conversation on reddit about Gold Rush. Schnabel chimed in when one user balked at the thought of having to work as a minor for low wages. that’s when the mining boss made sure to set the record straight about their wages.

He explains that most people start at 28 per hour but the work itself sounds intense. He mentions that people often work roughly 75 hours each week so when you factor in overtime people bring in approximately $2,590 gross pay. he goes on to say we usually work about twenty-five weeks so gross earnings would be around $65,000 pre bonus for a starting employee.

Which I think works out to around $40k net to drive rock truck for the season. Median wage is probably more in the $34 per hour range; however, workers have a chance to earn even more do via bonuses. He doesn’t say how much of a bonus people usually end up with, but it’s described as significant.

Then there are other extenuating factors such as the fact crew members don’t have to pay for housing or food when they’re on site. When you factor everything in it’s not a bad living but as anyone who’s watched Gold Rush can attest its indeed challenging work.

So, there you have it if you’re interested in gold mining you should make around $34 per hour working for someone else’s operation you might not be a millionaire but for six months of work that’s not too shabby.

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