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Henry Cavill Love To Be Part Of Twilight After Author Calling Him “Perfect Edward”

Before taking over our hearts and stuffing our donkeys with money on papers like Super man it’s the Geralt in The Witcher, Henry Cavill could have lived another pop culture cone, if it depended on Stephenie Meyer. author of the saga twilight the writer defined Cavill as the perfect Edward before the filming of the first film, and now has a response from the actor.

Speaking to the Happy Sad Confused podcast (via Variety), Cavill says:

I had no idea they wanted me in the cast. The internet was not as agile as it is today, so it was only discovered later. It would have been pretty cool.

Meyer’s statement came in 2007, before the shooting of the first film. At the time, Cavill lost the role for being too old, then 24 years old. Vampire Edward Cullen ended up going to Robert Pattinson. And the rest is history

Henry Cavill is back as the DC Universe’s Superman in theaters, after five years away from the franchise. The star leaves the role of Geralt in the third season of The Witcher still no release date on Netflix yet.

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