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Henry Cavill Is Newest Fan Of The Arcane Series

the series Arcane gained a new f of a lot of respect: Henry Cavill The actor recently revealed that he Watched the animation of Netflix.

In conversation with Ali Plumb, film critic for BBC Radio 1, Cavill said he stayed “up too late” watching the series with his wife, and apparently it was worth it. You can check out the full interview below (the following translation has been slightly modified to improve your understanding):

“Yes, I really enjoyed I’m so happy that you [Ali Plumb] made that recommendation, because when you said , I went home right away and was like, ‘Okay, Natalie, a guy at work told me I should watch Arcane.’ and she said ‘Oh, I’ve heard really good things about this show’.

I couldn’t stop watching and it got too late. Natalie said ‘Okay, we should probably go to bed’ and I was like ‘No, no, no, no, no, no. I have to keep watching.’ And she said, ‘Yes, all right, I’m with you; we should definitely keep watching.’

It’s amazing and I’m so grateful that you introduced me to this, because I could have let it go.otherwise.

Arcane based in a small part of the world of League of Legends and won several awards for its quality. Out of five Creative Arts nominations at the 2022 Emmy Awards, the production won the statuettes for Best Animation, Best Direction, Best Set Design and Best Color Screenplay.

The first season can be watched on Netflix and the animation sequel is already in development.

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