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Harrison Ford May Have A Role At Marvel, Rumours

star of Indiana Jones and Star Wars, Harrison Ford may be one step away from scoring another ball in franchise bingo. A new rumor points out that the actor should be cast as the ex-military Thunderbolt Ross in the next films of the Marvel. Ford would take on the role that was William Hurt (died in March of this year) in previous productions.

According to journalist Jeff Sneider and other industry insiders (via ScreenRant), Ford is expected to debut in Captain America: New World Order fourth movie from the titular hero, scheduled for March 2024, in addition to, of course, thunderbolts in July.

William Hurt as Ross in Captain America: Civil War

It’s always worth remembering that, as it’s a rumor, it’s good to face everything with a huge dose of skepticism.

Be that as it may, Harrison Ford returns to the big screen in June of next year with the fifth film of Indiana Jones wielding the whip apparently for the last time.

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