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George R R Martin Gives Update On Next Book- The Winds of Winter

During a recent participation in a live (via Winter is Coming), George RR Martin updated the fans about writing The Winds of Winter , next book by game of Thrones.

The author believes that he has already done 3/4 of the story, but points out that nothing has been finalized, so he continues working:

It’s the same update I always say: I keep working on it and it keeps getting longer and longer. I was working on it before traveling here for three or four days. I was re-reading some of the chapters I wrote earlier, and I didn’t like them that much. So I discarded them and rewrote them.

About a release forecast, the author stated that he no longer intends to speak a date. According to Martin, fans labeled him a liar with earlier estimates, so he learned a lesson:

I make the best possible estimate at the moment, and then things happen and people get mad, saying I lied. I never lied about any predictions. They were the best I could do at the time, but I think I underestimated my ability to get things done and how many interruptions happen because of other projects and demands that distract me.

The book’s release is much awaited by readers, as the most recent publication in the franchise The Dance of the Dragons . As the series of HBO was finished in a way not very satisfying for most fans, there is also an expectation that the end of the story will be different in the books – however, nothing is confirmed.

Meanwhile, Martin remains credited as one of the creators of the house of the dragon, the franchise’s first spin-off series. Season 1 of the production was recently finished and there is no premiere forecast for the second season yet.

For those who want to watch Westeros, the two series are on of HBO Max.

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