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Finding Love in Big Sky, Montana (2022)

Year: in 2022


Sandra L. Martin

Hedy Nasser, Jonathan Stoddard, Nathan Kehn, Raechel Wong, Kris Ann Russell, Kay-Megan Washington, Joseph Curtis Callender, Wilson Hammond, Colleen O’Quinn, Kimberly Strachan, Jackie Vetter, Phaedra Nielson…

Movie Plot:
An independent country girl, Paisley (Hedy Nasser), takes on the task of dressing her beloved grandfather’s wounds. After being denied the funding she needs to repair her wounds, she reconnects with her ex-boyfriend, Josh (Johnathan Stoddard), a high-profile marketing executive based in Denver who has been suspended from his current position at his company.

Admitting to herself that she needs help, Paisley agrees to work with Josh while he’s in town to figure out how to raise money for the farm.

After 15 long years and in the midst of their fundraising efforts, Paisley and Josh are finally able to reconnect and find the love in each other that seemed to have been there all along.

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