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Conflicts Between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Continues

After Brad Pitt accused her of selling him half of the Miraval French estate, including the wine business, behind her back, Angelina countered with details of his violent behavior on a private flight in 2016.

Between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, there will obviously not be peace for a long time. In February of this year, Brad filed a lawsuit against Angelina, in which he claims that she illegally sold half of the shares in their joint Miraval estate in France, which includes wine production, a castle and vineyards.

Pitt claims that after Jolie filed for divorce in 2016, they agreed not to sell their shares of Miraval without mutual consent. However, in 2021, Jolie sold her stake to the Stoli group, owned by Russian businessman Yuri Sheffler, without his knowledge or consent.

The Miraval castle where they got married is now the subject of their pointless conflict, while half of the profits from the Miraval wine go to the Russian tycoon’s estate.

Now, Angelina has responded with a counterattack, one that refers to the details of their conflict on a private flight between France and Los Angeles on September 14, 2016, which was also the reason for their divorce.

Namely, her lawyers claim that the negotiations on the sale of her share in the Miraval business were interrupted after Brad Pitt demanded that she sign a “disclosure agreement that would prohibit her from speaking outside the court about his physical and emotional abuse of her and their children.” .

Tuba additionally deals with the details of the conflict on the private flight, and her lawyers claim that the drunken actor choked one of their children, hit another, and grabbed her by the head and shook her. Allegedly, he also doused her with beer, pushed her into the airplane toilet and hit the ceiling with his ax, and poured red wine over the children. He yelled at her for destroying the family, and his rampage on the plane allegedly cost her $25,000.

These are the details that were leaked from the FBI’s investigation, which was initiated a few years ago by an unnamed source, but then nothing ended in court. Pitt claims that his wife is behind the leak, and he rejects accusations that he was violent towards children.

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