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Bayonetta Will Now Have A Different Voice Because The Original Actress Was Underpaid, Reveals Video

the witch holder of bayonetta have another voice in the upcoming third game, and now the reason has been revealed: the actress Helena Taylor who played the protagonist Cereza in the two previous games, revealed that the Platinum Games and the Nintendo they only offered US$4,000 for her to return for the end of the trilogy.

The information was revealed by the actress herself in a video on twitter in which he appears to explain his decision to cede the role to Jennifer Hale in Bayonetta 3. Taylor opens the video citing that the game franchise has earned about $450 million, without even considering licensed products, and also telling a little about its trajectory:

As an actress, I prepared for about seven and a half years. Three years at LAMDA – the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts – and four years with the legendary Larry Moss in Los Angeles.

How much did they think it was all worth? The final offer I received to play the entire game, with no profit sharing, was four thousand dollars. That’s insulting to me, as I’ve devoted myself to my talents, and all I’ve given to games and fans.

It is good to point out that the actress mentions that the value was not only non-negotiable, but also would not include any other type of royalty or additional value – that is, she would not see a penny more nor would she Bayonetta 3 become the best-selling game in the world. Nintendo Switch or the gaming industry as a whole.

Hellena Taylor ends the video asking fans to boycott the title’s release, and makes an appeal for them to donate the game’s value to some charity preferably instead: I didn’t want the whole world, and I didn’t ask for much. I just wanted a decent and decent salary. What they did is legal but immoral.

The actress’ video caused quite a stir in the twitter when it aired on Saturday (15). Several developers, journalists and voice actors took to social media to question Platinum Games, Nintendo and complain about yet another case of the games industry exploiting its workers.

Hideki Kamiya creator of the franchise bayonetta and executive producer of the third game, just said: Sad and deplorable this attitude of untruths. all i can say for now and ended the tweet reinforcing his rules, namely, that he intends to block anyone who insists on the subject, or who sends messages to him in any language other than Japanese.

The Japanese developer’s practice of cutting off fans, haters and the curious without a doubt, is already a recurring joke on the site, but now it has become unpleasant because it is a serious matter.

In addition, neither Platinum Games nor Nintendo has commented on what happened so far.

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