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After acting, wine and sculpting, Brad Pitt has a new business


In addition to wine, the famous actor at his French estate Miraval began to produce creams and serums from the berries and skins of selected wine varieties, and he also revealed from whom he received his first facial care advice.

After that, Brad Pitt devoted himself with great feat to the production of wine in his French castle Miraval, now a completely different product comes from his vineyards. For the fashion magazine Vogue, the famous actor revealed that he started producing unisex cosmetics, tonic creams, which also contain gro berries, from which he makes his famous rose.

He embarked on the business of producing cosmetics called La Domaine in partnership with the famous winegrowing family Perrin from Château de Beaucastel, who are his partners in the production of his already famous Chteau Miraval Ctes de Provence Rose wine.

For the production of creams, they hired Pierre-Louis Teissedre, a professor of oenology from Sveuilit in Bordeaux and one of the world’s leading experts on wine and human health.

He selected grape varieties from their vineyards that have the highest antioxidant properties, and a molecule called GSM10 was isolated from the seeds of Grenache and the seeds and pods of Syrah and Mourvdre, which is found in Le Domaine serum, cream, liquid cream and drinking emulsion.

The design of the bottles, whose wooden parts are made from the rest of the wine bottles, has also been carefully thought out.

“I know that almost every day there are new products that are launched in the cosmetics industry, but if I hadn’t really seen a difference in my skin, I wouldn’t have even bothered to continue working,” said the actor and revealed his simple care regimen.

“In the morning, I wash my face, apply serum and cream, and that’s it. Naveer ditto, water, serum nona cream”, he added.

He also said that his ex-girlfriend Gwyneth Paltrow, with whom he is still friends today, gave him the first advice on facial care.

“Actually, when I think about it, she was probably the first one to make me wash my face twice a day. And I apply some cream”, he recalled.

And no matter how proud he is of his new product, in contrast to the wine that he advertised, he does not want to be the face of La Domaine, because that would look more like a comedy than a serious marketing move.

And when asked how, as a movie star, he deals with aging in his work, he answered: “I don’t want to run away from aging. It’s a concept we can’t escape from, and I’d like to see our culture embrace it a little more. What we talked about when we founded Le Domaine was the anti-aging aegis. But that’s changed. It’s the same fairy tale. But what we can influence is that I take care of my hair in a healthy way. I grew up with a country mentality, you know what, turn the soap once a day and move on. I think we have to love ourselves because that’s the only way we can have long-term well-being. So, you are getting old, but you are getting old in a healthy way”.

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