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Absolution, Netflix’s Animated Series, Released Trailer And Premiere Date

THE Netflix released this Thursday (10) an unpublished trailer of Dragon Age: Absolution a new animated series that takes its inspiration from the game franchise from BioWare

The video presents the story that will be carried out by the elven mercenary Miriam, in addition to revealing the premiere date: December 9th this year. Check it out featured above!

Finally, the platform also released a poster and the synopsis of the production. Check out the two news below:

“When an assault on the most powerful man in Tevinter heads south, a elven mercenary named Miriam (Kimberly Brooks) is forced into a desperate fight for survival. Now, to save herself and her friends, Miriam will have to face the tragic past she spent her life trying to escape.”

The Dragon Age: Absolution poster (Image: Playback/Netflix)

Created in collaboration with BioWare, the animated series is set in Tevinter and will feature new characters inspired by the lore of Dragon Age including elves, mages, knights, Qunari, Red Templars, demons and more.

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